International Training College Lingua (ITCL) Examination

International Training College Lingua (ITCL) Examination

Assessments and Examinations

This section provides information and guidance on preparing for and undertaking examinations, submitting assessments, timetables , results release and graduation.

Examination Entry

Students of the International Training College – Lingua should register and pay each year for examination in those subjects in their course/qualification registered for the year/semester provided that

  1. They meet the examination admission requirements
  2. The prescribed fees have been paid in full

Fees Payable for Examinations
Students of the International Training College-Lingua will write examination in those subjects in which they registered for in that particular year/semester/session. The college offers examinations for full/part time students after every session.  There are four sessions in an academic year.  Distance students have two examination sessions per academic year (June/July and October/November). The examination fees are as follows:

First and Second Year Students: N$800

Third Year Students: N$2500

Determination of the Final Semester Mark
In determining the final mark for a subject, the following regulations apply:

  1. Unless otherwise stipulated, continuous assessment and the examination mark are used in the ratio of 40 to 60 respectively in order to determine the final mark
  2. In a subject in whom no final examination is written, the continuous assessment mark constitutes the final mark (e.g. where subjects are evaluated exclusively by continuous evaluation)
  3. In a subject for whom no continuous assessment mark is required the examination mark constitutes the final mark; and where a student fails to report for the ordinary examination in a subject, a final mark of zero is awarded for the relevant subject

Supplementary Examinations
In addition to the normal examination periods, supplementary examinations are conducted during a period preceding the commencement of the following academic term.

A student qualifies for a supplementary examination in a subject if he/she complies with the following conditions:

  1. Students will be granted a supplementary examination if they achieve a minimum percentage determined by the college from the combined year mark and examination mark
  2. He/she has paid the prescribed fees per subject in full

 Nature and Scope of Supplementary Examinations

  1. Supplementary examinations are conducted under the same conditions as the normal examination.
  2. As a supplementary examination is a fully-fledged examination, the examination time per subject corresponds with that of the normal examination.

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