By | December 12, 2017

Adonai College Admission FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your courses recognised in Namibia?

Answer: Adonai is legally recognised by both NQA and NTA. This means we offer qualifications which are recognised in the land and beyond.

Do you have other branches in Namibia?

Answer: Currently we only have one branch in Windhoek. However before end of 2016 two more branches will be opened in the northern and southern regions.

What extracurricular opportunities are available at your college?

Answer: All ball games are on offer at Adonai. We have set aside a sports day twice annually on our annual calendar. Other activities include dramatization, public speaking, debates and others

Do you have hostel facilities for your students?

Answer: Currently we don’t have our own facility but have made arrangements with an NGO which helps a certain group ofstudents with hostel accommodation. Anyone can apply and be eligible for this hostel facility too.

Do course marks contribute towards my final exam marks?

Answer: Oh yes policy says that course work marks will contribute 30% towards the final mark while 70% comes from the examination itself.

Does your college facilitate the processing of study visas for foreign students?

Answer: Oh yes we help foreign students get forms from Ministry of Home Affairs, and also submit forms on students’ behalf. We also collect letters of approval and forward them to our students. However final payments for approved visas are the mandate of each student.

Is it possible that I can enter into university and enrol for higher level courses with Adonai qualifications?

Answer: Oh yes any NQA and NTA accredited course can take you to any college for furthering your studies. You can even be exempted for other courses completed with us.

Do your college also offer corporate training?

Answer: As a corporate obligation we now offer corporate training to different individuals and organisations. See our prospectus for details

Are there exchange programs with other colleges and or universities?

Answer: So far none in existence but we are very soon signing MOUs with a handful of colleges in SADC so that exchange programs become a reality

Does your college arrange and facilitate internship for its students?

Answer: Oh yes our Corporate Training Department has been mandated to deal with internship with effect from January 2016

Which student support services does your college offer?

Answer: We have a small library available for the benefit of students and staff. We also have two computer labs for internet and computer skills. Further we have a Counselling Helpline Teacher for student affairs

Do you facilitate student loans for eligible students?

Answer: Currently we received 50 loan forms from the government so that our students can now access study grants with effect from January 2016

Are there any prospects of getting scholarships at your college?

Answer: Currently we have four Office Administration students who are on a scholarship under the auspices of FEDINA who are studying with us. More partnerships are underway.

For more details, inquiry and support, use the contact information below;

P.O. Box 2158, Windhoek

146 Bach Street, Windhoek West

Tel: + 264 61 231 723

Mobile: + 264 81 424 9699