List of NSFAF Successful Applicants: 2020 Students Awarded Financial Assistance

By | July 31, 2020

List of the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) Successful Applicants: 2020 Students Awarded Financial Assistance

NSFAF proudly announces the 2020 Provisional Award list for financial assistance.  

We congratulate all successful applicants and encourage them to continue working with the Fund until finalisation of their award. For those who for some reason are meeting our requirements and are not on the list – NSFAF is validating your application as per individual request. Direct such requests to the following contact details: or 061-434 6013/12/83, from 15 – 30 June 2020.

Awarded students who will start their academic year from August/September 2020 and are not yet in possession of proof of registration should notify the Fund at this e-mail address: (please quote your NSFAF ID, Namibian ID, First Name and Surname).

Note: Successful candidates are encouraged to observe deadlines set and as communicated.

Kindly note that your 2020 contracts have been uploaded. log onto your NSFAF portal, download, sign and upload it back. Do so promptly to avoid forteining your funding opportunity.


The University of Namibia (UNAM)

Namibia University of Science and Technology

The International University of Management (IUM)

SADC and International

Welwitchia University

Adonai College

College of Arts List

Institute of Bankers List

Institute of Open Learning

Lingua International Training College List

Monitronic Success College List

Namibia College of Open Learning

Namibian Academy For Tourism and Hospitality


National Institute of Technology (PTY) LTD

Signa Aviation Services

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Triumphant College

Tulipohamba Training and Assessment Institute

Windhoek Flight Training Centre


Lingua TVET
Marco Mpollo VTC
Monitronic Success College TVET
Nakayale VTC
Namibia Institute of Welding TVET
TVET – Eenhana
TVET _ Africa Hospitality
TVET _ Gobabis
TVET _ Gold stone
TVET _ Homestead
TVET _ Namibia Marine
TVET _ Okakarara
TVET _ Onandjokwe
TVET _ Ongha
TVET _ Philippi T
TVET _ Rundu
TVET _ Triumphant
TVET _ Valombola
TVET _ Windhoek


2020 Postgraduate Provisional Award List

  • 2019 Postgraduate Provisional Award List Conditions

All eligible postgraduates applicants who are previous beneficiaries of the Fund must acknowledge their debt by visiting the NSFAF Head Office or downloading applicable forms from our website

In order to qualify for a Final Award, the following conditions apply:-


  • Product offered is a loan (with interest);
  • Rate offered is a pre-determined rate;
  • All applicants are subject to vetting of employment status (including self-employed applicants);
  • Your total combined debt to NSFAF may not exceed N$350,000 (previous debt plus loan to be awarded);
  • Employed, previously funded beneficiaries to arrange to pay back their previous loan in order to be considered for funding;
  • Unemployed, previously funded beneficiaries to acknowledge their debt in order to be considered for funding;
  • New applicants (never funded by NSFAF) are required to commence loan repayments within 30 days after first disbursement (if employed);
  • New applicants (never funded by NSFAF) will be subjected to loan repayment as soon as they secure employment;
  • All loans are repayable irrespective of whether a student has graduated or not.
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For further enquiries, email us on



746 Eros Road
Tel : +264 61 434 6000
P O Box 23053
Windhoek, Namibia

Toll-Free: 0800-267323

93 thoughts on “List of NSFAF Successful Applicants: 2020 Students Awarded Financial Assistance

  1. Alex Mutakalilumo Lizazi

    Dear service provider, NSFAF, I am disappointed in delayed call for appeal applications. After going through your list for Unam where I am pursuing a postgraduate diploma in business administration, I realised undergraduate with similar course were offered.
    We are talking of creating employment and my course is one of that line, I want help to complete my degree. Please open up and receive my application. Time is not to my side.

  2. Selma Mulilo

    Hi sir, when are we going to get our refund for 2019(N$21,000.00) that our fellow students get, or do I have something missing on my documents that I was suppose to upload so I can get my refund? Luck enough my school fees is paid but I didn’t get any non-tuitions fund, and my balance is just showing N$-6, and there’s no statement to be displayed what does that mean?


    Good day sir or madam i would like to know if NSFAF can help me to fund my training program. I’m admitted by Cabin Crew Academy in South Africa

  4. Roger Kaune

    Can u guys tell us why some of us havent gotten our refunds from Gobabis VTC and what is delaying you guys and why cant u give us feedback on when or why we re still pending without any reason ?



  6. Shekupe Abisai

    Good morning sir/madam does nsfaf fund students that studying aviation courses

    1. Janson JN Ndeulita

      With regards to the 2019 tuition fees, i would like to know if my 2019 tuition fees have been paid. I have tried to log into my portal however whenever I try to download my payment history I just got a blank page….can you help me with this…


    When will the list of triumphant college be out,Nsfaf tvet?

  8. Magdalena

    Good afternoon. When will the 2020 award list be posted for postgraduates.

  9. Liina

    Hallow, when again can we apply for the funds? Are we students from I-care Training Institute qualified to apply?

  10. Dolly

    Hellow, for us that sent in our proof of registration from the 15th to the 30th of last month when will we get out responses….Welwitchia student

  11. Mateus

    Why at i- care training institution only two people get a laon , wat about anothers?

  12. Rachel Shilongo

    Good day
    I am a student at Welwitchia and I have a problem I applied for Nsfaf last year and I was rejected because the coarse I was doing is not accredited. Then this year I changed the coarse am studying then I re-applied again but I was rejected aswel. I visited the office but I was not helped. If I am qualified for the diploma criteria why am I rejected and there are student studying certificate which I was doing last year that I had quit because it is not accredited and they are awarded loans this year while I am not? My question is Why?
    Now my education is affected due to the funds.
    Please help me

  13. Dolly

    good afternoon, I got my results about my form that it’s incomplete , so is it still possible for me to submit the missing information

  14. Hileni

    Good day?
    I applied with the wrong student number.I applied with 229376787but the correct student number is 219376783.
    How do I change it?

  15. Ndilimeke

    Hi? What requirement should one have to qualify for NSFAF loan as a student at Icare health institute as last time only 2 people qualify for a loan?? And July 2020 intake when should we apply for loans??
    Pls help

  16. Warrens Puzeli Kangongo

    Are nasfaf beneficiaries still allowed to open bank accounts? I haven’t opened yet but I have signed the contract

  17. Martha

    Good evening. I reactivated my account in June. I got my reactivation letter. But when I went to bank Windhoek to create nsfaf student account they told me that my name is not in their system.

  18. Brentha

    Good afternoon. Is the appeal period closed for those not successful for some explainable reasons.

  19. Penehafo H

    I was like going through my application and I realised at my funding type there is only tuition fees instead of tuition and non tuition fees. What can I do now? Does this mean I’m not going to get my refund?

  20. Penehafo H

    I signed the contract and I got final award letter but I realised on my application the funding type is tuition fees only instead of non tuition fees and tuition fees. Will this affect me from not getting my refund


    From: TSUMEB COSDEC Trainees

    NSFAF has provided us with a loan of N$16 000.74 but we only received N$3 000.74 and the problem is what do we buy with it as Office Administrators. We need laptops and pocket Wi-Fi. So please give us an invoice on how it is going to be spent. As we should be provided with full amount if we already paid our school fees in full. We contacted NSFAF on this number 061 434 6012 and they gave us the right and said we deserve our full amount.

    As stated in the contract we would like to get an explanation as to why we only got N$3 000.74 and this amount is not enough for our maintenances.

    There are trainees that applied for the loan but were not granted the loan so we would also like to know if you are able to reconsider that we should pay N$13 000 from our own pocket since the school has deducted from every trainee who applied.

  22. Kristofina itope

    I want to confirm if bank windhoek sent my account details to you..I just found out my details were not sent that’s why am not yet paid but I visited bank windhoek today and they sent my details today…

  23. Ben

    Hellow,,, I’m Ben,,, how many declarations should I provide since all my parents are unemployed and my father had left me since I was a baby and I’m under the age of 22

  24. DANIEL

    HELLO,,, I was a NSFAF loan beneficiary 2020(one year contract) . I was trying to apply again this year but I cannot ,since I already have a NSFAF portal, and my NSFAF ID is not active. please help me how can I apply again or activate my old NSFAF ID? Thank you.

  25. John Siamtaa NCHINDO

    I have been trying to access the student portal but to no avail, am i deactivated? i am a continuing student.

  26. John Siamtaa NCHINDO

    I should first and foremost extend my appreciation to NSFAF for funding my studies and help me realise my goal and dream of becoming a legal advisor. However, my study journey does not end here.

    is there an chance for me to change my contract in the final year to tuition and non-tuition payment, because i believe as it stands right now, it is tuition fees/payment only. is there such a possibility?

    Lastly, after my final contract year, would i still be legible for re-contracting or contract extension before settling my previous loan which i will not be able to?

  27. selma

    Hello,, if I m going for September intake this year,is it possible to apply NSFAF this year or just next year?

  28. Faustinia

    Hello Sir I’m a new student and how will I know that my application was successful or unsuccessful?

  29. Kajowo Mbuti

    I am a new student at INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF MANAGEMENT I just want NSFAF to please admit us as soon as possible as we wont be allowed to write exams without its approval and my portal is still written pending approval

  30. Lennah mwinkanda

    When is nsfaf funding zvtc 2019 and 2020 intake because some of us we haven’t received our loans from 2020 up to now and this is our final year at zvtc. Can we be helped on that please.

  31. Aylee

    Hlw,I’m a student at i-care health Institute and we are doing a certificate at level 6,but nasfaf said they don’t fund certificates only diplomas but our certificates is at a level of a diploma…can we still apply for a loan or we can’t?

  32. Rosalia M Nujoma

    Good morning Sir/Madam?
    I am a trainee at cosdec Ondangwa Doing Office Administration we are not refunded for 2021 now we want to re-apply for loan for Level 3 2022 because our contract is end 2021 but we are not going through.
    1.My question is when we going to refunded?
    2. what we have to do to go through for next application?

  33. Andreas N Andreas

    Hi.. does nsfaf fund the Namibian Institute of Weldin (Swakop mund) for coded welding

  34. Irene

    When will the validation process finished we have signed our contracts in June but every time we call they keep saying next week.


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