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IUM Namibia 2022 Application/Intake

The International University of Management (IUM) 2022 Admissions The management of the International University of Management (IUM) has announced the 2022/2023 academic admissions to the general public. Interested applicants can acquire the application forms from any of IUM campuses. Applicants can begin their application online via the link provided below this post and also can be downloaded here.… Read More »

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Welwitchia University September 2021 Certificate in Health Science Foundation Intake (Grade 11&12)

Welwitchia University New Foundation Intake for September 2021 (Grade 11&12) Applications for foundation courses are now opened for the September 2021 applicants with grade 11 or low grade 12 points. Grade 11s and 12s with low points, now have a great opportunity with us. Those with a passion for health education have access to a foundation course. Upon… Read More »

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NSFAF 2021 Award Lists (Provisional List of Names)

The Namibia Students Financial assistance Fun (NSFAF) 2021 Provisional Award Lists We congratulate all successful applicants and encourage them to continue working with the Fund until finalization of their award. For those who for some reason are meeting our requirements and are not on the list – NSFAF is validating your application as per individual request. Direct such… Read More »

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Welwitchia University September 2021 Intake [Apply Now!]

Welwitchia University September 2021 Intake Ongoing Welwitchia Health Training Centre is inviting applications for September 2021 intake into the below mentioned programmes. New applicants can apply online via the application portal link provided below in this article. New students are to carefully read the instructions regarding the Welwitchia University September entry requirements, application documents, the application process, payment… Read More »

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Apply for NAMCOL CompTia 2021 – Technical Support Certification Study Opportunities

NAMCOL Information Technology Technical Support Certification Study Opportunities 2021 Namibian College Of Open Learning (NAMCOL) is a fully certified and accredited Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) partner. CompTIA boasts with a successful track record of over 30 years in the IT industry. The demand for a knowledge-based society pertaining to the Information and Communication Technologies shifts as the world is… Read More »

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Namibia Grade 12 Results | NSSCH and NSSCO

Namibia Grade 12 results for 2020 Senior Secondary Certificates for Higher (NSSCH) and Ordinary (NCCSO) levels can be viewed from the links below or by mobile phone text messaging (SMS). The information aims to give some quick pointers for our visitors from Namibia who are following up on the 2020 Grade 12 results. Hope it helps. Key facts about… Read More »

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How To Make Money Fast From Home/Online In Namibia

We always need money in Namibia. Due to unemployment and low wages, making more money or extra money aside from the normal nine to five routine is always welcome. Making extra income is very easy lately due to the advancement of technology. There are several passive income schemes online for almost everybody. Some of these schemes are good… Read More »

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2021 Intakes in Namibia [Universities, Colleges, VTC Intake]

Namibia Universities, Colleges and Vocational Traning Centres Application/ Intake for 2021 Academic Year 2021 MARCH INTAKES NIMT 2021 March Intake & Special Intake 2021 NAMCOL 2021 Enrollment (2021 Intake Registration) Triumphant College 202 1 Intake – Registration Now Open! TUCSIN Namibia 2021 Intake Ongoing Welwitchia University March 2021 Intake College of The Arts (COTA) March 2021 Intake VVTC… Read More »

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Job Openings in Namibia Closing in July 2021

Job Openings in Namibia Closing in July 2021 Job opportunities, current job adverts, latest job offers, and other job/career openings can be accessed by clicking on the link below; Mining Vacancies In Namibia July 2021 Banking Vacancies In Namibia July 2021 State-owned enterprises in Namibia Vacancies July 2021 Big company Vacancies In Namibia July 2021 Government Vacancies In… Read More »

How to Pay NSFAF Loan (FAQs)

How to Pay the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) Loans Honor your obligation today by paying back your loan and enable NSFAF to continue funding a brighter and educated Namibia. What is a student loan? Loan means jointly the approved Tuition Fees and Non-Tuition Fees, additional costs, bank charges, administration charges and disbursements as advanced to or… Read More »

How to Register A Company in Namibia

How to Register A Company in Namibia What is a registered Company? A company register is a register of organizations in the jurisdiction they operate under. A statistical business register has a different purpose than a company register. Where and how to register a company in Namibia To register a company in Namibia, you need to visit the… Read More »

NSFAF 2021 Award Payment Update No.2

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) 2021 Award Payment Update No.2 The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund hereby informs the 2021 applicants and the general public that as part of its due diligence, it conducts mean-testing using the following criteria: income (parental /guardian or own income), academic performance, and priority fields of study. The Fund has discovered… Read More »

Logistics Salaries In Namibia

Logistics Salaries In Namibia What is Logistics? Logistics is generally the detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation. In a general business sense, logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption to meet the requirements of customers or corporations. A person working as a Logistics Manager… Read More »

Where To Buy Kazang Machine In Namibia

Where To Buy Kazang Machine In Namibia What is Kazang Machine Used For Kazang makes it safe and easy for spaza shops and informal traders to sell prepaid airtime, data, electricity, and other services from our devices or Kazang mobile app. We’ll create opportunities for you to earn more money, make shopping easier for your customers, and grow your business with… Read More »

Where To Buy Krugerrands In Namibia

Where To Buy Krugerrands In Namibia What are Krugerrands? The Krugerrand is a South African coin, first minted on 3 July 1967 to help market South African gold and produced by Rand Refinery and the South African Mint. The name is a compound of Paul Kruger, the former President of the South African Republic, and rand, the South… Read More »