NSFAF 2022 INTAKE (Requirements, Fees, Deadline, Everything You Need To Know)

By | April 7, 2022
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The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) 2022 Intake Information

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund is pleased to announce the commencement of the 2022 applications.

Applications open on 27 January 2022  for Undergraduates, Postgraduates, and Vocational applicants to study at local and SADC/International recognized institutions with accredited programs. 

Please note that mature age applications will only be accepted for local public institutions.

It is mandatory that all required documents are uploaded during the application period as no additional documents will be accepted after the deadline. Visit https://namibiahub.com/nsfaf-2022-intake-requirements-fees-deadline-everything-you-need-to-know/ to understand specific requirements per funding category (undergraduate, postgraduate, and vocational).

Due to funding limitations, applications are subject to the below criteria:

  • Applicants apply towards priority fields of studies which are available and can be viewed here
  • Total combined debt to NSFAF may not exceed N$350,000 (previous debt plus loan to be awarded).
  • If you have previously benefited from the NSFAF, contact Recovery to acknowledge your debts before a new award is made.
  • Applicants are subjected to vetting with employment status (including self-employment).
  • Financial assistance is granted, subject to availability of funds.
  • Funding parental income threshold is N$500,000 for students who are 28 years of age or younger and unemployed.
  • Funding own/spousal income threshold is N$300,000 for employed students or above the age of 28 and unemployed.


  • Students will be provisionally awarded provided the applicant meets the NSFAF basic funding requirements.
  • All applicants will be required to apply online, including trainees at VTCs. No manual application will be accepted.
  • Due dates are final and will not be extended.


The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund notifies potential applicants for 2022 academic year about important information and documents required for application.

Prospective applicants are advised to take note of the following information:

  1. NSFAF provides financial assistance to eligible students mainly in a form of loans.
  2. No student should be considered for NSFAF funding if he/she has already benefited from a programme at the same level of qualification framework.
  3. A student may only receive financial assistance from the Fund to study at any two qualification levels (i.e. Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree, Honour’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or Doctoral Degree). Funding for a third qualification level shall only be permissible if a debtor has settled previous debts. This is necessary to allow the opportunity for other students to benefit from the allocated student funding and also in case of a loan to avoid over-indebting the students.
  4. A student who is already a beneficiary but failed/passed a previous academic year but applied for funding the following year to pursue a different programme will not be funded for the new program. NSFAF shall nullify the award upon identifying such a case.
  5. An applicant, who fails to submit all required documents before the closing date of the application period, will be rejected.
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  5.1 Documents to be attached when applying for UNDERGRADUATE studies’ financial assistance: 

a) A copy of the Full birth certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath,
b) A copy of a Namibian Identification (ID), Certified by the Commissioner of Oath,
c) A copy/copies of school leaving certificate(s) [Grade 11/12 or equivalent, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath, (this applies to those already with grade 11/12 results),
d) A copy of mother’s ID or Death certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath or a Declaration made with  the Namibian Police made by any remaining  parent/guardian,
e) A copy of father’s ID/ Death certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath or a Declaration made with  the Namibian Police made by any remaining  parent/guardian,
f) Parents/ Guardian pay slip with the company stamp or Declaration made with the Commissioner of Oath, in case of unemployment,
g) A copy of your payslip with the company stamp (if the applicant is employed),
h) In case the applicant is married, provide Spouse’s ID and payslip instead of parents’,
i) A copy of a grade 10 certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath (VTCs or mature age applicants),
j) A copy of proof of admission and test results on mature age from a Public Institution, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath, (For applicant through mature age, applicable only to those with at least 23 years old),
k) Copy of work experience, (applicant applying through Mature Age entry, 3 years for grade12 certificate holder and 5 years for grade 10 certificate holder),
l) A copy of evaluation from Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA), certified by the Commissioner of the Oath, for all foreign qualifications (including grade 12 certificates).
5.2  Documents to be attached when applying for POSTGRADUATE studies’ financial assistance:

a) A copy of the Full birth certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath,
b) A copy of a Namibian Identification (ID), Certified by the Commissioner of Oath,
c) A copy of Bachelor’s degree at least on NQF level 7, if studying towards an honors degree, or a copy of a master’s degree if studying towards a PhD, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath. If certificates are not issued by the Institution at the time of application, attach academic records, indicating the certificate has been obtained,
d) A copy of mother’s ID/ Death certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath or a Declaration made with  the Namibian Police made by any remaining  parent/guardian,
e) A copy of father’s ID/ Death certificate, Certified by the Commissioner of Oath or a Declaration made with  the Namibian Police made by any remaining  parent/guardian,
f) In case the applicant is married, provide Spouse’s ID and payslip instead of parents’,
g) A copy of your payslip with the company stamp (if the applicant is employed),
h) A copy of the evaluation from Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA), certified by the Namibian Police, for all foreign qualifications.


6.1. Requirement for undergraduate

6.1.1. Undergraduate degree programmes

  • Applicants should have obtained 25 points in Grade 12, in Five (5) subjects with a minimum of E symbol in English. English will form part of the five subjects to be counted; or
  • Applicants should have obtained a Diploma at NQF Level 6 at an accredited Institution of Higher Learning provided the applicant has a minimum of 22 points in Grade 12.
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Undergraduate Studies at international Institutions

  1. Applicants should have obtained 35 points (in grade 12) in five subjects (including English) with an E in English to qualify for funding to study internationally for medicine and engineering.
  2. For other fields of study, applicants should have obtained 30 points (in grade 12) in five subjects (including English) with an E in English to qualify for funding.

6.1.2. Undergraduate Diploma Programmes

  • Applicants should have obtained 22 points in Grade 12, in Five (5) subjects with a minimum of F symbol in English. English will form part of the five subjects to be counted.

6.1.3. Undergraduate through Mature age (Applicable for Public Institutions only)

  • must be 23 years of age and above;
  • has a Grade 10 certificate, with five (5) years minimum working experience; or
  • has a Grade 12 certificate with three (3) years minimum working experience;
  • Has ability to top up should funding be insufficient for the intended course of study;
  • Provide proof of admission on mature age level from the institution of higher learning including the mature age entry test results.

7. Requirements for VET financial assistance

7.1 Government or SOE owned VTCs

  • Full-time/Part-time Applicants studying at approved Vocational Training Centres (Institutions registered under Vocational Education and Training Act, 2008 (Act No. 1 of 2008);
  • Priority will be given to applicants studying priority fields of study as determined from time to time to qualify for funding; and
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7.2 Privately owned VTCs

  • Full-time/Part-time applicants studying at accredited and recognized VTC (Institutions registered under VET ACT 1 of 2008) and offer accredited qualifications;
  • Obtain a minimum of 20 points in Grade 12 in six (6) subjects with a Symbol F in English;
  • Obtained admission at an approved VTC in Namibia studying towards minimum NQF Level 1 and Maximum NQF Level 6 qualification;
  • Priority will be given to Private VTC beneficiaries studying priority fields of study as determined from time to time to qualify for funding

7.3 International requirements for VET trainees

  • Must have obtained 25 points in grade 12, in five subjects, with at least symbol F in English;

Financial Assistance may be offered in the event of direct transfers from local to international VTC institutions if the programme or level is not offered in Namibia.- Advertisement –

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  • Priority will be given to applicants studying abroad in priority fields of study if the programme/level is not offered in Namibia.

8. Requirement for postgraduate studies

  • Applicants studying towards post-graduate Diploma/ Honours, Masters and PhD programmes or Research based postgraduate study;
  • Applicants already have prior undergraduate qualifications (Bachelor degree level 7, Honours level 8, or Masters level 9), or have completed their studies but waiting for the graduation to be officially conferred;
  • The applicant must have been admitted or enrolled to study on a full-time or part-time or distance mode at an approved local or international institution of higher education;
  • Consideration will only be given to applicants studying towards priority fields of studies;
  • Applicants should submit proof of provisional admission attached to their applications;
  • Preference will be given to the students studying at Local Institutions and within SADC.


The deadline for applications is 31 March 2022.

For enquiries or further assistance during the online application process, contact NSFAF Head Office at Tel: 061: 434 6000 or via e-mail: info@nsfaf.na

Note: For more information, visit this page

NSFAF Vision, Mission, Mandate, and Core Values

NSFAF Grants and Loans

NSFAF General Eligibility Criteria

Vocational Education and Training Financial Assistance

How to Apply for the NSFAF

Student Application Guide

NSFAF Student Application Portal

NSFAF Application Guidelines

Required Documents for NSFAF Application

Payment Plans and Calculators for Students Abroad

Paying Back NSFAF Loans

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Contact Information

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  2. Rauna Meameno

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    Now this year 2022 I would like to change to a different course, my question is do I have to re-apply or how do I go about it?

  7. Geraldo

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  10. Joseph

    In my case i only have my father birthcertificate instead of his ID cos i dont know where he is currently i tried by all means but never found him..so my question is that will i be able to secure the loans with his birthcertificate with a declaration?.is it me who need to declare under oath or my parent(mother) regarding my father issue?

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    I want to take a course at a private institution of approximately 1month to complete it, but it requires 9500 because after doing the course the company recruits you .

    Does nasfaf also assist with such matter to aponsor a loan ?

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    I was doing Education in 2020, and Nsfaf paid for my first year, so in 2021 I changed to Nursing at the same institution but I paid for myself and Nsfaf did give me an approval letter in 2021 around march saying that they will pay my tuition fees starting as from my second year( 2022) in Nursing. Now the question is what do I do this year( 2022) about Nsfaf paying for me? Do I have to go to the office with my documents or do I have to reapply?

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  25. Julia

    I applied in 2021 but then didn’t get the funding because i didn’t go to school..i am then trying to apply again and it’s saying my id number is already available.I must just log in my NSFAF ID,but as i am trying to do so,it’s saying the unique id is wrong.[21OMUS08929]

  26. Barbara

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  28. Moses fanuel

    Am Moses and I have applied to your institution,
    My question is the names for March intake 2022 level 1 at nimt will be out when? Please whatsapp me 081260263

  29. Grace

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    I applied to study at Stadio formerly known as Southern Business School will i qualify for a loan if i apply for one.

    please advise

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  34. Martin

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  35. apollos

    do I hand in the special consideration application at the offices or i should apply online

  36. Nande Sackeus

    I have a grade 10 with a certificate of electrical installation and maintenance and been a self employed for 3 year now want to go continue with my study at NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY It’s possible for me to be funded for my further study…!

  37. Rachael

    Goodday,do you apply for nasfaf the previous year and study the next year? Or do you just apply the year you are studying?

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    Good morning sir or madam, my name is Seponde Evaristus Kayambuka ID no 97022100675, studying at a local institution in Namibia. I have a problem with my full birth certificate which is claimed to be lost that led me to declare it lost from the oath. I am un able to duplicate it due to the system problem at the home affairs in Rundu (Kavango east) the system’s errors on finding my full information instead it only shows my birth certificate Code. I was asked to look for my late parents details which are currently not available. I had to upload a declaration for my lost document before it is too late to apply.

  40. Fabiola

    Does NASAF give a loan to IOL student..?Im a second year student at IOL,doing Diploma in Junior Primary Education,I need your help to finish my studies,I’m unemployed,It supposed to be my 3rd year due to the lack of money..please i beg you in the name of God to help me,I’m now 37 years old..please

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  43. Victoria

    I was awarded a loan in 2014 for 4 years ,NSFA paid for the first years and i could not finish due to unforeseen cercuatances ,This year i want to go do Nursing at Welwitchia so i still stand a chance even for the last two years

  44. Nakale Hosea

    I have a question, i applyed 2020 for to be funded and i was accepted and i didn’t continue with my study that year, now i apply for another course, will i need to reapply or what must i do, help please.


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