Namibia Students' Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) Application Guidelines

Namibia Students’ Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) Application Guidelines

Application forms become available on the portal in August of each year, and also at H/IGCSE schools, regional education offices of the Ministry of Education and at the NSFAF office and other institutions of Higher Education. Closing date for all applications is every 15th of December in exception of the fixed quotas. Late applications may not be considered. For that you must registrer on the NSFAF portal and fulfil all the information needed for the application form.
Also student has the possibility to set an appointment with the Regional Officer, if he need assistance.
Once the application form acknowledged and presented to the Selection Committees for initial consideration. Only the recommended applications are thereafter submitted for approval to the Permanent Secretary or responsible official appointed by the Board. Also only appeal applications from students who were unsuccessful during the initial selections (January/February) may be considered in between March and April. All applications with any outstanding or pending documents/information would be immediately turned down by the Committees.
After connecting to your private space, you can remotely monitor the progress of your request.


  • Incomplete file: After the validation of the submission form, the student must go to the regional office to submit original supporting documents for verification and approval.
  • Verification of the supported documentation provided: The responsible of the Regional Office (Regional Officer) will check the consistency of documents provided by the student with the information entered in the submission form in order to avoid any kind of fraud. If there is one (or more) missing piece, the status of the application will be updated automatically on the system by specifying the missing piece (s)
  • Complete file: All documents provided by the student are accepted. The student can, in the next step, register in a local university or abroad to be included in the selection process for Grant / Loan.
  • University registration: Two cases arise at this stage:
  • Not registered yet : The student has not yet been registered at any university. The system then informs him aboutregistration deadlines. If the student does not register at a university, he/she will not receive a loan / grant
  • Registered to multiple universities: The student is registered at several universities. The system then informs the user to confirm with one university.
  • Record accepted: The student will then receive a loan / grant from the NSFAF. In addition to the notification issued by the system, an email will be send to the student to inform him/her that his application is accepted.
Notices/results for all the successful students are issued and displayed:


  • in the portal (Student private space)
  • e-mail and SMS notifications
  • at their respective local tertiary institutions’
  • at the NSFAF offices.

NSFAF Student Application Portal