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Adonai College Admission Requirements

Selection and Admission of Students

Admission requirements

  • In order to be eligible for selection an applicant must satisfy College-wide entry
    requirements and program entry requirements.
  • Satisfaction of these requirements per Adonai College an applicant to be considered for
    a place; it does not guarantee an offer of a place. Where selection is from a pool of
    applicant it may be competitive.
  • Program entry requirements are published in against each program.

College entry requirements

College entry requirements are College-wide and comprise:

  • the college age at which applicants may be admitted to programs or courses
  • the minimum academic requirement or equivalent or training requirements, for admission to each level of program and
  • English language for admission to programs or courses unless a student is taking a bridging course.
  • English language requirements are stated in the Selection and procedure.

Program entry requirements, selection tasks and selection methodology

Program entry requirements may include:

  • a specified level of previous study, or equivalent;
  • a specified minimum level of achievement in previous study or equivalent and
  • Specific prerequisite courses or subjects and subjects minimum scores in these.
  • Every program must have documented program entry requirements, selection tasks (if
    used) and selection methodology.
  • Program entry requirements and selection tasks must be designed to measure an
    applicant`s capacity to succeed in the program
  • Program entry requirements are approved as part of the program approval process.
  • Selection methodology and any selection tasks are approved by the relevant College
  • Amendments to program entry requirements (if used), or selection methodology may
    be made by the relevant College Board.
  • Program entry requirements and selection tasks an applicant must satisfy to be eligible
    for selection, must be used to select applicants for the program wherever it is taught. All
    applicants must satisfy the minimum program entry requirements. Where the program
    is in high demand applicants may need to satisfy a standard higher than the minimum
    program entry requirements.

Selection methodology

  • A selection methodology will be defined for each program.
  • Applicationswill be not be pooled (held for competitive selection at a later time).
  • Heads of Departments are responsible for selection of applicants. Heads may delegate
    responsibility for selecting applicants.

Integrity of selection decisions

  • Selection of applicants for Adonai College programs is conducted with fairness and
  • All applicants must be selected according to formally approved admission standards,
    comprising College entry requirements, program entry requirements, and selection
    tasks (if used), in accordance with the approved selection methodology for the program.
  •  Staff involved in selection decisions must comply with the College`s policies and
    procedures regarding the disclosure and management conflict of interest.

Information for applicants

  • The official source of information regarding program entry requirements is the program Guide.
  • Information for applicants will accurately reflect the program entry requirements as listed in the Program Guide.
  • Information about selection tasks is published in program summaries.
  • If an applicant is not successful in their application for a program, the may be offered a place for which they are eligible, either in the same program at another location, an alternative program, or a bridging program.


  • Offers an admission to any program shall be made only by:
  • An Officer of the College expressly authorized to do so by the Selection Team, or
  • Staff of partner institutions may assist with selection of applicants in accordance with College-wide entry requirements, however, offers may only be made by officers of the College authorized to do so by the Selection Team.
  • The College reserves the right to withdraw an offer of admission and/or cancel the enrolment of a student where an offer was made on the basis of incomplete or inaccurate information supplied by the applicant or a certifying authority.
  • The College reserves the right to cancel a program that is not viable, and to cancel any offers of admission to the program that have been made.
  • The decision to cancel a program and offers of admission to the program will be made by the Management Team

Equitable access to tertiary education

  • The College is committed to providing equitable access to education. This involves
    adjusting selection methodology in order to conduct merit-based selection of applicants
    from groups who are under-represented in the student population.
  • The college maintains specific schemes, procedures, guidelines and targets to facilitate
    access of designated groups.
  •  The College is committed to facilitating access to education for indigenous applicants.
  • Program information will describe the inherent requirements of the program in
    sufficient detail to make these clear to prospective students, including those with


  • The College has annual profile process to plan the number of places to be offered in its programs. The annual profile targets are approved by the Principal taking into account advice from the Selection Team.
  • The Selection Team may approve sub-targets relating to aspects of the College’s academic, business and social inclusion strategies.
  • The Selection Team may approve quotas of places for students.

Waiver of requirements

College-wide entry requirements may be waived in exceptional circumstances.

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