By | October 31, 2017

Bank Windhoek Limited Vacancies

Bank Windhoek believes that the key to its success lies in highly capable, empowered and motivated employees. The Bank has entrenched and established a performance-driven culture where talent is identified, recognized and developed through various customized and stream-specific training and development programs.

Bank Windhoek uniquely combines professionalism and a cosmopolitan approach with a culture of responsibility and this combination has made us one of the most attractive employers and will continue to characterize the Company in the future.

In recognizing human capital as the foundation of the organization, the Bank offers to the individual growth opportunities, a stable working environment, and a competitive remuneration package.

An established Wellness unit makes a difference in the lives of all employees. Various initiatives and wellness awareness campaigns ensure that employees realize the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

This unit supports and motivates employees to embark on their wellness journeys and reach their full potential.

Bank Windhoek is an equal opportunity employer and subscribes to unity through diversity. By joining Bank Windhoek, you will be creating the best foundation for a successful career.

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