By | January 18, 2018

Career Opportunities at Sea

Career at Sea

A career at sea is quite appealing to anyone who wants to combine traveling with a challenging career. Today’s ships are technically sophisticated machines designed for transportation of goods (cargo) and passengers at sea. Upon attaining the necessary qualification/s, you can become a member of a highly qualified team employed by a company operating with tankers, container vessels, service vessels for off-shore oil rigs, fishing vessels, research vessels and recreational vessels. Apart from working at sea, the maritime industry also involves shipbuilding and repair, ports, surveying, administration services, insurance and maritime law.

Ratings can be employed as deckhands on board various vessels. Alternative employment can also be found ashore with companies responsible for doing maintenance and repairs for vessels. Qualified Deck Officers can be employed as Officers in Charge of a Navigational Watch (OOW) on different types of vessels. Attaining the highest level of qualification provides a wider range of job opportunities at sea and on land, e.g. Manning, Insurance, Training, Fleet Management, etc.

The best way to become a Deck or Engineer Officer is to be employed as a trainee officer with a shipping company and undertake sea time and training to learn your chosen field. As you gain sea experience and academic qualifications you increase in rank by obtaining Certificates of Competence. These are issued by the Directorate of Maritime Affairs when you have completed your sea-time, academic training and assessments as well as other requirements set by the Directorate (DMA).
Career Paths include:

  • Deck Officer Trainee
  • Engineer Officer Trainee
  • Rating