By | December 13, 2017

International Training College Lingua (ITCL) International Student

Study Permit Requirements

According to the Immigration Control Act of 19 August 1993, all International students (SADC and Non-SADC) should be in possession of a valid approved Study Permit before entering Namibia for the purpose of studying. All prospective and senior students are required to apply for a Study Permit on the prescribed forms obtainable from Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration.

Only persons with permanent Namibian Residence, Refugees or Asylum Seekers and Diplomatic representatives are exempted from applying for a Study Permit and Visa. The mentioned categories are exempted on condition that they provide the relevant documentation.

Senior students should ensure that they renew their study permits before the endorsed study permit expires.

The following documents must be in place when applying a study permit:

  • Police Clearance from country of origin
  • Medical Certificate
  • Radiological Report
  • Proof of acceptance / registration with study institution
  • Written reason for studying in Namibia
  • Letter from Ministry of Education confirming no objection against your studying in Namibia instead of country of origin
  • Written undertaking of parent/guardian/sponsor to sponsor your studies
  • Proof of bursary (if applicable)

All the necessary forms can be downloaded here:

Study Permit Fee:

  • N$ 80.00 (Handling Fee)
  • N$ 1395.00 (Success Fee)

Also Note:

No change of conditions will be allowed once the Study Permit is approved for a specific field. Only full time students will receive study permits. No study permits for distance education students.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the college:

Tel: +264 61 30 1032/4/5
Fax: +264 61 30 1033