By | December 13, 2017

International Training College Lingua (ITCL)  Registration Dates

Student registration will take place in accordance with the registration dates as obtained in the calendar. Prospective students must make sure of the dates, times and venues of registration. Students must abide by the registration programme and relevant deadline.

Subject/ Course Amendments and Termination of Study

Subject and course amendments are normally allowed until three weeks after commencement of lectures. In respect of each subject and /or course amendment –

  • the written approval of the Head of Institution/ Head of Department concerned must be obtained; and
  • in the case of a student who wishes to terminate a subject or course, the Head of Institution/ Head of Administration must be notified in writing.
  • all course amendment and application for termination of studies should be completed on the prescribed forms obtained from the Administration Office
  • the date on which such written notification (on prescribed form : termination of studies) is received will be deemed as official date for the cancellation of the relevant subject(s) or course

Use the contact details below for support;

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