Monitronic Success College Fees Structure

Monitronic Success College Fees Structure

Monitronic Success College courses equips the students with the required knowledge and skills needed in today’s market and help them to advance in their own particular field of expertise.

General Regulations of Fees


1.1           This fees guide is only for the Monitronic Success College courses accredited by the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA).

1.2           Monitronic Success College will do its best to keep the fees constant for a period of at least three years with an escalation of about 15% per annum to absorb the inflationary pressures which includes amongst others salaries, rates and taxes, rentals, prices of inputs. However, the fees are subject to change any time without prior notice.


2.1  Special Refund of  Fees from Loans and Grants

The college will refund all the excess funds paid to the college from loans from funders, sponsors and overpaid within at least 3 weeks from the date the college has been notified of such deposits.

2.2      Beneficiaries of such loan refunds should be claim the refunds by applying using a prescribed refund form within a reasonable time normally two weeks from the date when confirmation of payments has been done.

2.3      Interest rate of 5% per annum will be charged for late payments from loans (After  2 months) from the date of confirmation that a funder is  committed to pay fees.

2.4     A general  loan admin fee of N$150 will be charge on all loans and grants

3.General Refunds of Fees

3.1     Application Fees, Registration Fees and Deposit Fees will not be refunded in any circumstances.

3.2  In case of either voluntary withdrawal from the College, a portion of the term cash tuition may be refunded. Students must notify the Registrar, or Student Accounts , in writing of their intent to withdraw from the College or from a course. The date that this written withdrawal notification is received by Student Accounts — or the effective date, whichever is later — becomes the official withdrawal date and the basis for refund calculation. Such refunds, assuming that all financial obligations have been met, will be computed on the following basis:

3.3     Term | Withdrawal Period | % Tuition Refund

These only fees paid over  and above that is in excess of the application fees, registration, fees, deposit or enrolment fees. From the date of Student Registration Cash Tuition Fees

Week one — 90%;    Week Two — 50% ;   Weeks three & four — 25% after week four — No refund. For the purposes of withdrawal notification, the week-ending deadline is considered to be 5 p.m. Friday. It is the prerogative of the Academic Board to award a refund or not based on the reason for withdrawal.

3.3     100% Refund will be awarded in case that the Monitronic Success College has cancelled the course ( NOT WHEN THE STUDENT HAS CANCELLED THE COURSE HIMSELF OR HERSELF)

3.4     Students dismissed from the College will not be refunded, and also will not be exonerated from paying up their fees as on the contract (they will have to pay all the outstanding fees on the contract).

4.Cash Tuition fees will be regarded as fees paid within  one month of registration

5.All installments should be paid by the 5th of every month it is due thereafter there will be an interest charge of 5%.

6.All fees should be paid through the official Monitronic Success College bank and all proof of payments should be brought to the college or emailed. All bank fees depositors should always confirm the bank details with the college before any payments are done. The college will not be responsible for any loss of money due to fraud etc.

7. The Bank Details for Payment of Fees are given below but student should always use obtain invoice or statement from the college before depositing.

8. The depositor should indicate the name of the student or and student number and the purpose of the fees. Fees deposited without properly identifying the owner will be transferred to a suspense account, and will only be paid out if positively identified.

9. Students who pay directly to the official college cashier will be charged N$50-00 administration fees, therefore for students or parents to avoid this charge they should make use of debit orders or electronic transfers or direct deposit into the college bank account.


Payment of student fees by way of the college debit order system offers several advantages. It ensures that accounts are settled in good time. It involves fewer bank charges for the accountee (the person responsible for the settlement of the student’s accounts). It also eliminates the possibility of cheques being mislaid or lost. Finally, it prevents payment of interest on outstanding amounts. Students can obtain the order form from any of our branch or downloaded from the website.

11. debit orders will carry an administration charge of N$100

12. Students can also pay through bank certified cheques

13. Any returned cheques will carry a penalty of N$120, and mostly cheques are returned because of one or two of the reasons, insufficient funds, writing mistakes on the cheque etc. All those who pay with cheques should therefore check the correctness of all cheques before paying.

Bank Details

Name:                           Monitronic Success College

Bank Name                  Bank Windhoek

Account Number        8001258671

Branch Name              Windhoek

Branch Code               481-972


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