By | November 20, 2017

Mshasho Productions Vacancies

Mshasho Productions, also referred to as Mshasho Music Productions and Mshasho Records, is a Namibian Independent record label founded by

Namibian musician and producer, Martin “The Dogg” Morocky in 2003. The company is a subsidiary of The Dogg’s company Mshasho closed cooperation.[1]

The name Mshasho is derived from its original name Omushasho which is the Oshiwamboname for a shotgun.

The label has shaped careers for artists such as Sunny Boy, OmPuff, Tre Van Die Kasie, TeQuila, Karlos Lokos, Chipolopolo, Richie and Kamasutra.[2]

The label has so far released ten albums, making it one of the leading record labels in the country.Read more here

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