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Namibian College Of Open Learning (NAMCOL) 2020 Pre-Entry to Tertiary Education Programme (PETE) Application

NAMCOL - Namibian College Of Open Learning

The PETE programme is a special programme, necessitated by the trend that current science and technology related programmes at institutions of higher learning indicate low admission in relation to gender and the least advantaged groups.

The PETE programme was thus introduced to address the mismatch and bridge the gap between exit skills at secondary level and the required entry skills at higher education level.

Objectives of this programme

This programme aims to give learners the opportunity to rewrite specific NSSC (O/H) subjects and improve their competencies to levels which will enable them to gain admission into tertiary institutions, and be able to cope with curricula demands at tertiary level.

NAMCOL PETE 2020 Admission requirements

Candidates are required to submit their applications at NAMCOL’s regional and sub regional offices. The selection process will involve preliminary screening of applications and the administration of aptitude tests.
Candidates who wish to apply for this programme must have:

  • at least an E symbol in the four target subjects;
  • should be prepared to write an aptitude test.

Application procedures

Prospective candidates can collect an application form at NAMCOL’s regionaland sub-regional offices. A non-refundable application fee of N$ 50-00 per learner is payable. No late applications will be received.

Documents Required

Please submit the following documents with your application:

  • Proof of identity ID document (Namibian ID or passport, NAMCOL learner ID,birth certificate)- please submit original documents
  • Original Gr. 12 certificate for the most recent examination you sat (certified copies of documents are not acceptable)

Application Period

Applications open in January for three weeks. The dates will be announced in the media.

Fee Structure

The following fees must be paid in full at enrolment:

  • N$ 90.00 (non-refundable registration fee per learner)
  • N$ 290.00 (for each subject)

Examination Fees

Registration and payment for the examinations should be done at the Ministry of Education, Directorate National Examinations and Assessment (DNEA).

Programme Delivery

Prospective candidates should note that faceto-face sessions will be offered at the following venues:

  • NAMCOL Head Office (Yetu Yama Centre,Katutura)
  • NAMCOL Northern Regional Office (Ongwediva)
  • NAMCOL North-Eastern Regional Office(Rundu)
  • NAMCOL Central Regional Office (Otjiwarongo)

NAMCOL PETE Available Course

The following courses will be offered as part of this programme: 

Jetu Jama: English 2nd Language, Mathematics, Biology (Ordinary and Higher), Physical Science (Ordinary and Higher), Accounting (Ordinary and Higher),

Economics (Ordinary and Higher) and Business Studies (Ordinary and Higher).

Rundu: English 2nd Language, Physical Science, Rukwangali.

Otjiwarongo: English 2nd Language, Physical Science, Biology and Mathematics (All Ordinary level).

Ongwediva: English 2nd Language, Mathematics, Biology, Physical Science, Economics, Business Studies and Accounting (All Ordinary level)

Learners who are selected for the programme,qualify for the following services:

  • Orientation Workshops
  • Copy of the NAMCOL Good Study Guide
  • NAMCOL Study Materials
  • Face-to-Face Tutorials (5 hours per week in each subject)
  • Tutor-Marked Assignments
  • Examination Booklets
  • Self-Supervised Study Groups and Study Halls
  • Study-Related Counselling/Coaching
  • HIV and AIDS Programme
  • Access to Services at NAMCOL Resource Centres
  • Short Message Sending (SMS)
  • E-Learning
  • Basic Computer Skills Course
  • Educational Radio Programmes.

Application deadline: 20th January 2020


PETE 2020 Application

NOTE: Application forms can be obtained from any of NAMCOL offices across Namibia


For additional support, use the contact information below;

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