NAMCOL Online Application Guide

Namibian College of Open Learning (NAMCOL) Online Application Guide

NAMCOL online application guidelines


Step 1. Pre- Application
What do you need before applying Online?
a. Certified scanned copies of Academic certificates.
b. Certified scanned copies of ID card or Passport.
c. Employer certificate (testimonial).

Step 2.
To apply for a programm log on to . Once the home page of Namcol opens, click on “myNAMCOL” to access the portal.

Step 3.
Click on New application to start with the application process.

Step 4.
Complete the Biographical Information. All the fields with * must be completed. Verify the accuracy of the information before you save. Click on save button, after which you will be issued with a reference/student number.

Step 5. Creation of PIN
1. Please take note of your reference number. This number will be your student number.
2. Enter the 5 numeric digit PIN of your choice (Do not start with 0 and do not repeat a number) and click on

Step 6. Application Rules
Click on Application menu. Open “view application rules” and read the rules, accept the rules by clicking on “I accept”.

Step 7.
Under Academic application Click on to select name of your previous school. Fill in the period of attendance. Click
on the save button to save your information. Click next to continue.

Step 8.

Click on to select the subjects done (maximum 6) and enter the grades as they appear on your certificates .

Step 9.
Click on “Load/view documents” to upload your scanned certificates, ID, and work experience certificates. Click on
save button and click next to continue.

Step 10. Choice of Programme
a. Select academic year, enter the qualification name and click on “search button” to select your programme of study.
b. Fill in the required information and click on “save and continue” once done
c. Click on “Accept application” and click next to continue.
d. Click on “Notify institution and view errors” to view the error.


Please make the application payment of N$100.00 to the NAMCOL account. Indicate the student number as a reference number. Fax the bank receipt to 061 298 2 attention Mr Elton Tjuma at NAMCOL and log in again after 2 weeks to continue with the application.
b. Click on submit application to continue with the application after the payment.
c. Click OK to continue with the application.
d. Click on “Accept application” to continue with application
e. Your application have been successfully submitted.
f. Click on “view completed application” to confirm your completed application.
g. Click on process status to view the process status.
h. You have successfully completed the application process. Log in after 10 weeks to view your application status.
i. Log on again using your PIN and click on “Student Enquiry “ then “Academic Admission status” to view the status 10 weeks after the closing of the application period.

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Private Bag 15008, Katutura, Windhoek, Namibia
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Telephone: 061-320 5233

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