About Shadonai Beauty School

About Shadonai Beauty School


About the Academy

Operating from premises located in Windhoek, Swakopmund and Ongwediva, SHADONAI offers state of the art facilities in a stylish academic environment duplicating the real life occupational experiences as closely as possible. Tuition is personalized and presented by highly qualified trainers and facilitators with the aid of textbooks, learner study guides, notes, labelled diagrams and audio-visual material to include: power point presentations for the theoretical components.

Practical classes take place in the form of demonstrations, peer evaluations, role-playing, case studies and simulations. Assessment and evaluations form an integral part of quality assurance throughout the academic year. SHADONAI believes in using quality training products and endorses the use of well-known brands such as Depilieve, Cal-Mo, Adorn, Essel Cosmetics, BYS Make-Up, Matrix & Loreal and Essie.

Accreditations granted:

2006/11 NQA 0002
2007/08 ITEC 7573

Vision Statement

SHADONAI BEAUTY SCHOOL strives to honour God in all we do, pursue excellence and positively develop the entity of each individual.  We will be an internationally acknowledged institution and training centre which is recognised for its production of dynamic qualifieds who make a significant contribution to society.

Mission Statement

It is SHADONAI BEAUTY SCHOOL’s mission to operate a recognized, well-known, multi-disciplinary training centre presenting registered, easily accessible courses. SHADONAI BEAUTY SCHOOL’s mission is to keep providing quality training through application of the principles of integration, relevance, flexibility, coherence, articulation, portability to develop and deliver credible courses which will give  learners the theoretical and practical experience needed to succeed in their chosen field within the established industry or to successfully operate independently.

SHADONAI BEAUTY SCHOOL will achieve the vision by providing world class education and training in vocationally aligned subjects areas.  This will be achieved by:

  • A dedicated professional team of learning facilitators
  • World-class education and training material
  • Outcomes based approach to learning and evaluation
  • Learning programs which are accredited
  • Learning support programs
  • Practical vocational learning programs
  • Quality and continuous improvement initiative