TUCSIN Courses for 2020: Applications Open

By | December 4, 2019
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The University Centre for Studies in Namibia TUCSIN Courses for 2020


The organization runs projects that fit together like building blocks towards achieving the overall aim of lifelong learning, development of the individual, the society, the country and the world.

Rewrite and Improve your Grade 12 results with TUCSIN

Why Choose TUCSIN Namibia

-> Quality education with experienced teachers.

-> Pioneers in the field of upgrading for more than 40 years.

-> Create the best future for you.

The Learning Benefits at TUCSIN Namibia

-> Intensive face -to- face teaching.

-> Preparing students to face the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)

-> Tertiary institutions welcome TUCSIN students who are known for their dedication and hard work.

What We at TUCSIN Namibia Offer

> Improving your Grade 12 results on NSSCO and NSSCH level.

-> Classes are offered at four different centres.

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About The University Centre for Studies in Namibia (TUCSIN)

During the 1970’s Namibia (formerly South West Africa) was administered like a province of South Africa. A university for Namibia was a controversial subject. It took courage to provide a forum for Namibians and others to address such issues and to demand access to higher academical education.

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Activities at TUCSIN House, first on a farm outside of Windhoek and then from in the centre of town, consisted of hosting educationists, visiting scientists and students. Members of the organization undertook field trips, assisted researchers and offered their skills of teaching special subjects.

They also assisted with setting up new classrooms and renovating older buildings on the premises. Scholarships were secured, and funds obtained to prepare students for university careers in the natural sciences. By the end of the millennium TUCSIN has been instrumental in having well over 600 Namibians qualify in fields critical to the development of the country.

The organization runs projects that fit together like building blocks towards achieving the overall aim of lifelong learning, development of the individual, the society, the country and the world.

Contact Us

For more information and registration

TUCSIN MAIN – Windhoek

(Dr Beatrice Sandelowsky Campus)

16 Mont Blanc Street, Eros

Tel#: 061 224840

Fax#: 061 222544

E-mail: tucoffice@afol.com.na


4084 Rand Street, Khomasdal

Tel/Fax#: 061 216854/ 401854

E-mail: tucsinkhomasdal@tucsin.org


NDC Building, Leo Shoopala Street

Tel/Fax: 065 224649

E-mail: tucsinnorth@iway.na


NDC Building Maria Mwengere Street

Tel/Fax #: 066 267238

E-mail: tucrundu@gmail.com

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23 thoughts on “TUCSIN Courses for 2020: Applications Open

  1. Alrize Zaahl

    Good day

    I would like to know how much do you ask for rewriting 2 subjects at your institution, bussiness and afrikaans, as my daughter was in matric last year, and now she wants to rewrite to better her points

    Ms Zaahl

  2. Milla

    I only have grade 10 and would like write my grade 12 with u guys and all subjects which is 6.
    Give me more details like the fees and requirements.

  3. Simson Asteria

    When is the registration for 2021 ..and want to emprove Economics HL and English core?

  4. Chade

    I wrote grade 11 last year and I got 17 points, is it possible to upgrade my points

  5. Elina

    Hi is it possible to write higher level for the first time at your collage

  6. Hail

    Hi do you offer afrikaans ordinary level ?How much is the fee?

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  8. Martha

    I would like to enroll my son for Grade 12 for 3 subjects, he was doing grade 11 SA level 2021. Is it possible to enroll as such kindly advise accordingly,

  9. Kine

    Good evening, I would like to register my son for maths and physics re-sit AS level . Can I do it with you people and how much will they cost? Thank you


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