TUCSIN Courses Offered : Career Prospects

The University Centre for Studies in Namibia (TUCSIN) Courses Offered : Career Prospects


The purpose of the TUCSIN Career Focus Newsletter is to provide career guidance to TUCSIN students as well as to the public through our TUCSIN website. According to the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, unemployment attribute to mismatches between the acquired skills and the job related needs due to the fact that students make wrong career choices which are not relevant to the job market. Therefore the selection of a future career is a process which can be professionally done through career guidance and vocational counseling.

With the TUCSIN Career Focus we help learners to choose careers wisely, create awareness of career fields that they might not be familiar with and guide them on how to plan for their tertiary education.

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Accountant,  Chartered Accountant   /  Agricultural Technician

Biology   /   Banking             

Computer Science

Dentistry   /   Dietician            

Engineering  /  Environmental Science

Forensic Science Technician

Geology   /   Graphic Design

Human Resources Manager   /   Health–Biokineticist

Interior Decoration & Design


Library Science – Information Studies     /   Law   /   Logistics           

Medical Technologist    /   Meteorologist                         

Nursing  /     Nature Conservation

Occupational Therapy   /  Optometry

Paramedic   /   Pharmacy   /   Psychologist   /   Public Health

Radiology I  /   Radiology II  /   Radio & TV Careers

Special Needs Educator  / Secretarial Careers   /  Social Worker

Teaching  /  Tourism – Tour Guides  /  Town & Regional Planner            

Veterinary Science


TRADES IN NAMIBIA (VOCATIONAL TRAINING) / Designated trades in Namibia are currently the following:

– Entrepreneurship:   here


– Auto Engineering and Metal Trades:    here

– Electrical Engineering Trades:  here

– Mechanical Engineering Trades:   here  

  Aircraft Technician    

– Building and Construction Industry Trades:   here

  Quantity Surveyor         

– Food Industry – Chef / Cook:  here

 Beauty & Hair Industry:  here