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The University Center for Studies in Namibia (TUCSIN) Admission Guide


The University Centre for Studies in Namibia (TUCSIN)

During the 1970’s Namibia (formerly South West Africa) was administered like a province of South Africa. A university for Namibia was a controversial subject. It took courage to provide a forum for Namibians and others to address such issues and to demand access to higher academical education.


Activities at TUCSIN House, first on a farm outside of Windhoek and then from in the centre of town, consisted of hosting educationists, visiting scientists and students. Members of the organization undertook field trips, assisted researchers and offered their skills of teaching special subjects. They also assisted with setting up new classrooms and renovating older buildings on the premises. Scholarships were secured, and funds obtained to prepare students for university careers in the natural sciences. By the end of the millennium TUCSIN has been instrumental in having well over 600 Namibians qualify in fields critical to the development of the country.

The organization runs projects that fit together like building blocks towards achieving the overall aim of lifelong learning, development of the individual, the society, the country and the world.

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