About the Zambezi Vocational Training Centre

About the Zambezi Vocational Training Centre

Zambezi Vocational Training Centre


The Zambezi Vocational Training Centre is based in the town of Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region in the far-north-eastern Namibia, on the shores of the Zambezi River. Zambia is on the other side of the Zambezi River and Zimbabwe and Botswana are the adjacent countries.The centre first opened its doors in 1993 with an initial enrolment of 36 trainees training in 3 vocational trades and these were Clothing Technology, Joinery & Cabinet Making and Secretarial & Office Administration.Over the years, the centre expanded from 3 to 7 occupations/trades and these are: Bricklaying & Plastering, Clothing Production, Hospitality & Tourism, Joinery & Cabinet Making, Plumbing & Pipefitting, Office Administration and Welding & Metal Fabrication. As a result of training program expansion, the enrolment also grew to well over 500 trainees. Over 50% the trainee population is females. The staff compliment also grew from 15 to over 50 staff members (this includes 25 full and part-time instructors/trainers).Zambezi Vocational Training Centre operated under the National Vocational Training Act, No. 18 of 1994 under the Ministry of Education until June 2008 when the Vocational Education and Training Act, No. 1 of 2008 was promulgated. This Act made provision for the management and control of the state-owned vocational training Centre’s to be devolved upon the Namibia Training Authority until date that Centre’s are, in the opinion of the Board, able to be transformed into self-reliant vocational education and training provider.By way of giving Vocational Training Centre’s self-governance, NTA has appointed an Interim Advisory Committee to promote efficiency and service oriented approach to the management of the VTCs. The Zambezi VTC Interim Advisory Committee is therefore serving as an advisory body of the centre.


ZVTC seeks to offer and facilitate a wide range of training as well as development interventions in partnership and cooperation with other training Providers, NGO”s and Stakeholders, thus creating a hub for development in the  Zambezi Region:

  1. ZVTC is offering NQA accredited formal courses that are listed on the NQF, based on identified demands and resulting in an increase of highly qualified artisans and professional in various trade- or professional areas for the labour market
  2. ZVTC is accredited by NQA and Registered by the NTA
  3. ZVTC also offers a variety of informal skills- and entrepreneurial training based on requested and established demands, ultimately leading to improved local and regional entrepreneurial development
  4. ZVTC provides other Services to the community and business sector, such as business information and support, counselling, product development, business mentorship and referrals


The most reputable vocational training provider that develops competent citizens who contributes to the socio-economic welfare of the SADC Region.


To provide quality, sustainable vocational education and training that is demand-driven to meet the aspirations and expectations of our stakeholders.

 Core values

Accountability – Quality Service – Integrity – Respect – Ethics – Teamwork