Adonai College Activities

Adonai College Activities

At Adonai, apart from academics we also invest in extra-curricular activities.

1.) Sports day

This activity is held twice a year. The whole college has an opportunity to gather at a stadium and enjoy several sports competitions. These competitions are both inter-house and inter-schools where we invite other schools to compete against the Adonai College Team.

2.) Quiz and Debate Day

During this activity students have the opportunity to do debates against other groups and across courses within the school.

3.) Spellathon competition

Throughout the year we prepare our students for a spelling competition. We start at class level with students weekly practising spellings with their class lecturers. We then move on to inter class competitions then inter level competitions.

4.) Poems and Speech Day

From the first week of a student’s life at Adonai they practice poems and different types of speeches. Lecturers practice pronunciation and fluency with their students until they are ready for the competition day. Best students identified on this day will be given prizes to encourage them to continue practising.

5.) Fun Day

This activity is held once a year towards the end of the year. On this day students have the opportunity to mingle with schoolmates outside a school setting. There they forget about school for a day and get to know each other and make friends from within the school and outside the school.

6.) Career Guidance Day

AdonaiCollege annually holds a Career Guidance day on which students have the opportunity to learn about different career pathways that they can take in life. This day is important for Adonai because it gives students the opportunity to choose the right career from an informed background

7.) Prize Giving Day

Prize giving day is an awesome day on which all the well behaved, best performing and most improved students will be awarded for their works. A lot of prizes are always there to be awarded

8.) Writing Competition

Throughout the year Adonai College tries to groom students to become good writers. Annually we have a writing competition in which the whole school participates. The best writers are awarded a price at the Price Giving day

9.) Tours

Adonai enjoys the company of both national and international students hence the importance of going on several tours around the city and the country at large

10.) Culture Day

Adonai College is a cosmopolitan institution and we are proud to have such differences at our institution once a year. We take time to showcase our cultures so that we get to understand our community better. On this day students dress up in their cultural attires and are given the opportunity to perform their traditional dances, games etc.