Adonai College Students

Adonai College Students Affairs

Adonai College cares for the wellbeing and development of students, physically, emotionally, culturally and socially.

The different positions within the Student Representative Council address issues such as student social development, student governance and leadership development, and the needs of all students

The various posts within Student Representative Council play a major role in connecting students to Adonai College. The Dean of Students wholeheartedly supports these students’ body roles in their efforts to create an effective and harmonious learning environment of fellow students

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is a committee of student leaders elected by the students themselves, representing the students and ensuring that the student voice is considered in matters of governance and whenever important decisions are made. If there is anything you wish to bring to the attention of the SRC

Student development

Adonai connects students socially and academically, through social services, peer education, health and wellness, student organisations and recreational groups.

Mandate for Student Development

• Create a nurturing environment to promote student wellbeing, foster a sense of belonging to Adonai and mobilise alumni in the service of the college.

• Develop and implement SRC programmes that enhance graduateness.

Student Development focus areas include:

Student Social Development Services

Health and wellness

• Develop and implement programmes in response to applicable health and wellness legislation

• Provide face-to-face and online health and wellness programmes, counselling, referrals and social support groups

• Peer educator programme

• Community engagement and community services outreach programmes

Training and development

• Provide integrated and quality training services that facilitate student development and graduateness

• Provide comprehensive training services that empower students into becoming effective student body leaders and managers.

Provide leadership and development training

• Conduct gender empowerment workshops

• Provide training on ethics

• Provide training on diversity

Financial management and entrepreneurship programmes

  • Create an enabling environment for sustainable development
  • Empower SRC to embark on income generating projects to assist in the running of their office.

Student Governance and Leadership Services

• Develop and implement SRC policies

• Manage SRC elections

• Train and develop student leaders

• Provide support in the development and implementation of SRC programmes of action

• Provide administrative support to SRC and student structures

The following categories of student structures are considered:

• College student structures

• Student political organisations

• Religious student organisations

• Cultural and recreational groups

Adonai Students’ Value Statement


Adonai College students subscribe to the critical value of integrity, which defines our moral character, our code of engagement with the college and the principles that we will uphold as ethical students and ethical citizens. Integrity is the bedrock of our lived reality as Adonai students and we will exemplify this ideal in everything that we do and all that we say. In this spirit, we take accountability for our choices and responsibility for our decisions, and will always act with respect, discipline, honesty, commitment and humanity.


We appreciate the privilege of being in the Namibian higher education fraternity. We further acknowledge our obligations as participants in this privileged group and in the positive spirit of self-determination we will always aim to realistically determine our ambitions and set out goals.

We respect the vision and mission of Adonai and commit to the policies, procedures and rules of the college. Most importantly, we will demonstrate respect and support for one another as members of the university community – both staff and our fellow students – in everything that we do. In defining our respect for each other, we commit to behaviour that shows caring, love and selfless support for our fellow students.


Our conduct will, under all circumstances, be mature, responsible and disciplined, and we will specifically recognise the importance of showing appreciation for all other people around us irrespective of race, gender, culture, religion or ethnic disposition. We firmly acknowledge our accountability in ensuring that we are knowledgeable about the pertinent rules of the college and in ensuring that our conduct is, at all times, synchronous with the vision and mission, as well as policies and procedures of Adonai College. We will be disciplined in our academic praxis and always subscribe to the principles of academic excellence as a critical priority.


We will be honest in all our engagements with Adonai, its staff and fellow students. We recognise that our main purpose for being students at Adonai is to strive for academic excellence and noting the scourge of exam fraud, cheating and plagiarism, we commit to upholding, ensuring, promoting and practising honesty in respect of all our academic activities. We will plan our student programme (academic and other commitments) honestly and in terms of our real abilities to achieve our goals. We will not apportion blame for our failures to others until we have introspected on our own actions and contributing conduct.


We unequivocally reject the revolving-door syndrome and will be committed students of Adonai exercising self-discipline and determination towards our academic activities and goals, giving maximum attention to our studies and always bearing in mind the need to achieve graduate status in the quickest reasonable time.


We embrace humanity in all its multiple facets and diversity. The Adonai student can share, feel for others, interact and live with pride excluding arrogance. We recognise our social contract in the broader Namibian community (at the macro level) and our obligation to support each other as fellow students in the defined Adonai community (at micro level).

Note: These are the values to which we, as students of Adonai College, commit. They shall define our conduct, our engagement to providing an environment, a culture and a service that will shape and allow us to fully live and exemplify our values.