Adonai College Vision, Mission and Core Values

Adonai College Vision, Mission and Core Values


Adonai college is an innovative centre of learning that focuses on the intellectual and personal development needs of the learner , promotes effective teaching ; response to and embraces an increasingly diverse and changing world, establishes a sense of community for students and those who support the students, uses instructional resources effectively , and values and promotes lifelong learning.


Adonai College is a learning community for convenient, affordable, state of the moment, postsecondary training, and lifelong education. As a learning centered college, Adonai embraces student learning as its primary and defining mission, encourages students to be full and active partners in learning, creates an environment , supporting student and organizational learning, assesses learning outcomes and uses the results to improve learning, and evaluates all areas of the college by how well they foster learning.

Core Values

Adonai College is supported by five fundamental pillars:

  • Student-Centred: We hold the current and future success of our students as our highest priority.
  • Excellence: We are committed to outstanding services, academic programs and teaching.
  • Innovation: We anticipate and respond to emerging trends to meet the evolving needs of our local, national and global communities.
  • Respect: We uphold the highest ethical standards, and affirm and protect the rights, dignity, and integrity of each member of our diverse community.
  • Inclusion: We cultivate a working and learning environment where diversity is recognized as essential to our success.
  • Sustainability: We preserve our collective future by embracing the social, ecological, and economic impact of our decisions.