A farm income statement is one of three important financial statements used for reporting a farms financial performance over a specific period of time. This statement focuses on four key items – revenue, expenses, gains and losses.


Today’s successful farm operators are using detailed financial statements to identify the most profitable farm enterprises for their operation, determine per unit production costs, track trends and financial progress in the business and to create comprehensive business plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is income statement in agriculture?

A farm income statement (sometimes called a profit and loss statement) is a summary of income and expenses that occurred during a specified accounting period, usually the calendar year for farmers. It is a measure of input and output in dollar values.

What is financial management in agriculture?

Farm management involves successfully integrating the factors of production land, labor, and financial resources to realize an economically viable, ecologically sound, and socially responsible farm business.

What is balance sheet in agricultural finance?

The balance sheet is a report of the farm business’s financial position at a given moment in time. It lists assets, liabilities, and net worth (owner’s equity), and represents a snapshot of the farm business as of a certain date.

What is the importance of records in agriculture?

Farming is a business and good farm record-keeping helps the farmer plan and do realistic forecasting. Record-keeping provides valuable information on which methods work. The farmer can better predict price changes of inputs and produce from expenditures and sales records kept from previous years.

What is the importance of having good financial documentation?

Good records will help you evaluate the way the financial picture is changing. You can see whether the financial health of the company is declining or improving, resulting in insights that can be used to adjust your results going forward.

How do you show agricultural income?

Agricultural income in ITR 1 is to be shown under the column of Agriculture Income. But ITR 1 can only be used if the agricultural income is up to Rs 5,000. In case the said income exceeds this limit form ITR-2 is required to be filed.

What is the objective of farm accounting?

1. Making a full appraisal of amount and production of the existing farm resources-land, livestock, machinery, buildings, labour and management ability of personnel. 2. Systematic study of crops practices for fodder condition of livestock, prevailing prices of farm product and feeds.

How do you prepare a farm income statement?

The income statement is structured into two parts: revenues (income) and expenses (costs); and includes three presentations of profits – Income from Operations, Net Farm Income and Net Income. Each of these parts include cash transactions and non-cash (accrual) adjustments. Revenues (income):

What is the role of financial management in agribusiness?

Financial Management for Agribusiness presents a practical approach to financial decision making for all those involved in agribusiness, including farmers, horticulturists and supporting businesses, to manage invested funds, physical resources and labour.

What is financial management in your own definition and understanding?

Financial management is strategic planning, organising, directing, and controlling of financial undertakings in an organisation or an institute. It also includes applying management principles to the financial assets of an organisation, while also playing an important part in fiscal management.

What is the role of farm management in agricultural business?

Farm management, making and implementing of the decisions involved in organizing and operating a farm for maximum production and profit. Farm management draws on agricultural economics for information on prices, markets, agricultural policy, and economic institutions such as leasing and credit.

What are farm assets and liabilities?

Assets include, but are not limited to, cash, grain and feed inventories, prepaid expenses, market livestock, breeding livestock, machinery and equipment, buildings, and farmland. Liabilities are debts owed to others including commercial lenders, vendors, and private individuals.

What are the need for farm record and accounting?

It helps in determining the profitability of the business. It is an indispensable tool for the farm manager during planning and budgeting. It allows the manager to determine the efficiency levels of inputs used in the production. It is a vital requirement when seeking loans from banks.

What are the financial statements?

Financial statements are written records that convey the business activities and the financial performance of a company. The balance sheet provides an overview of assets, liabilities, and stockholders’ equity as a snapshot in time.