Agricultural Training Centre Krumhuk (ATCK), Namibia

Agricultural Training Centre Krumhuk (ATCK)

Agricultural Training Centre Krumhuk


The Agricultural Training Centre Krumhuk (ATCK) is Namibia’s first training centre in agricultural production and farm household management that engages all faculties of young people so that they may master the challenges of practical farming and household management.

The Training Centre was established in response to the growing demand from the agricultural sector for young, passionate and self motivated Namibians, who are trained and well equipped for living and working on the land. The ACTK is the only agricultural institution in Namibia geared to offer vocational training (academic and practical) in various aspects of sustainable agriculture and farm household management that is both appropriate and relevant to the Namibian agricultural environment.


The educational approach is that of a vocational training college, where both academic studies and the practical application of the theory are equally important.  The ATCK is situated on a small farm, and so provides the training ground for small scale farmers, while the two associated commercial farms, Farm Krumhuk and Farm Eichenbach, provide the commercially orientated training facilities.  Organic Agriculture and Bio-Dynamic Agriculture form the foundation of the Agricultural course.

The Household Management course is aimed in part at showing how students can undertake value added processing of farm produce, an essential step in achieving food security through self sufficiency and overall sustainability.

The ATCK supplies surplus produce to restaurants in Windhoek as well “farmers’ markets”.  All students are given the opportunity to engage in these marketing activities.

Other recreational activities include non-competitive sports which help in developing individuals of any age as well as team building.

All in all, the ATCK training is orientated towards  helping students in their personal development and growth, encouraging them to become mature, independent and accountable leaders in society.



The idea for the Agricultural Training Centre Krumhuk (ATCK) dates back to the foundation of the farm based community on Farm Krumhuk in 1989 where the establishment of ATCK was set as one of its long-term goals. Back then the farmers could not pursue this idea further because the work on the farm needed all their attention.

The idea was revived in 2007 and an association was founded in June 2008 to oversee the development of the ATCK. Farm Krumhuk provided the buildings of the former Aris Hotel and 150 hectares of land for the school. The buildings had not been used for 5 years and required major renovation.

On February 17, 2009 ATCK was opened and the first 25 students began their training. During the first year there was still a lot of maintenance and renovation work needed. The students built paddocks and a vegetable garden. Later in the year 3 milk cows, 7 bulls and 20 chickens became the first animals at ATCK.

At the end of the first year the 12 best students were selected to continue the training. The second group of students commenced their training in January 2010. Since then another two groups of students have commenced their training at the ATCK – the 2013 group shall be the fifth to embark on this journey.  There are plans to increase the size of the 2013 intake to ensure a total of about 52 students who will register for both years study.

Further development of the mini farm have included the construction of a vegetable growing tunnel, the planned construction of a second, and recently the initiation of an oyster mushroom production project which will demonstrate production methods appropriate to rural and small scale farmers through to larger scale, commercial production. The mushrooms will be sold fresh or value added through drying and bottling before being marketed.

Fresh produce is harvested and is either sold directly to Windhoek clients or value is added by processing in the ATCK’s kitchen by the Household Management students before marketing at farmers’ markets. Students also enjoy these fruits of their labour, either as fresh salads, cooked meals or jams and other preserves.

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