Alexander Forbes Namibia Investments and Retirement Plans

Alexander Forbes Namibia Investments and Retirement Plans

Alexander Forbes is the only diversified financial services provider of its kind in Namibia.

Alexander Forbes Namibia Investments and Retirement Plans

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Goals-based investing goes against conventional thinking. Instead of looking for the highest investment return, we look at how, with the right investment, you can reach the goals you’ve set.

Goals-based investing

There are two parts to goals-based investing.

  1. Making the right investment decisions to reach a specific goal
  2. Making sure that the investment you’re using is structured correctly to help you meet your goal

Together with your financial planner, you can work on an investment strategy that will reach the goals you set. From an advice perspective, goals-based investing starts to translate your life into actual decisions that you can measure. If you understand your life and know what your goals and aspirations are, then it becomes easier to translate those goals into financial goals.

Taking a step back and listing your priorities, or the goals you set for yourself, introduces a whole new element to your overall financial plan.

Goals-based investing involves becoming conscious of your life decisions and how those translate into financial goals. This creates a two-way conversation with your financial planner.

Speak to one of our financial planners about the right investment product to reach your goals.

Unit trusts

If you’re investing towards a long-term goal, you might want to invest in a pooled portfolio of diversified asset classes that you might not have access to individually. Speak to a financial planner for advice on the right investment for your goal.

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For long-term investment commitment, consider investing in an endowment. Depending on your goal, endowments could offer the growth you need. Speak to one of our financial planners for advice on the right investment to help you reach your goal.


If your goal requires offshore investment, our financial planners can offer you tailored advice to make sure you’re investing in the right product for you.

Private wealth management services

Our wealth managers build trust by getting personally and intimately involved in every aspect of your portfolio.

With a thorough understanding of your needs, values and dreams, we can craft a unique financial solution, making sure your entire portfolio is of the highest standard.

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Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultants – FSP Licences

Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultants (Pty) Limited is a licensed financial services provider (FSP 31753).

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The contributions you make during your working years can make a major difference to your quality of life in retirement. The longer you can invest, the better your chances of having enough when the time comes to draw an income for your retirement years.

Alexander Forbes Retirement Fund

If you are a member of the Alexander Forbes Retirement Fund you can access more information about the fund here.

Planning to succeed

It takes discipline to leave your retirement money to grow. Especially if you ever change employers and leave your retirement fund, when you might be tempted to take the money and run. Be careful! That money might seem like a lot now, but it will be worth so much more if you leave it invested to give you an income when you retire one day. Think about it: who else is going to pay for your needs when you stop working?

Preservation fund (pension or provident)

The biggest mistake most people make is cashing in their retirement savings when they change jobs.

Our preservation fund gives you a tax-efficient opportunity to preserve your retirement fund withdrawal benefit and help you secure your financial well-being at retirement.

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Retirement annuity fund

Grow your retirement savings with a tax-efficient retirement annuity fund, expert advice and a wide range of investment options. You can use your retirement annuity fund to supplement your savings or to build up a nest egg of your own if you don’t belong to an employer’s retirement fund.

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Ready to retire?

Retirement can be a time of growth on your journey, or a time to sit back and enjoy the rewards of your working years.

  • Semi-retirement: many people try to keep earning an income by working in retirement, which helps provide more income plus great health benefits if you enjoy what you do.
  • Never too late: another trend is to consult after retirement age. If you have expertise in your field, you’ll have a lot to offer people in your industry who are starting out and looking for mentorship.
  • A new way of spending: finding ways to save by rethinking monthly expenses can help take the pressure off your monthly pension.

Ready to retire

Choosing your pension

There are a lot of pension products (annuities) to choose from. Make sure you speak to your financial adviser about the best pension product for your needs and circumstances.

The Alexander Forbes LifeStage Annuity This pension product invests your retirement savings in a living annuity at first. Later in your retirement, you and your financial planner will decide when to invest in a life annuity. This offers you the benefits and features of a standard living annuity, while lowering the risks.

Living annuities With these types of pension products, you and your financial planner will decide what level of income you want to earn each year (between 2.5% and 17.5% of your investment value). You also decide where to invest your money, which means you carry the investment risk – and the risk of outliving your savings. With living annuities there are no guarantees, but any savings left over after you’re gone will go to your nominated dependants and beneficiaries.

Life annuities These types of pension products pay you an income for as long as you live – guaranteed. If you choose the pension continuation option, the pension will continue paying your surviving spouse after you’re gone.

  • Fixed With this option you choose a set percentage for the pension to increase by every year. You can then plan your finances around that. However, you can’t change the increase rate, so there’s a risk that your pension income might not keep up with inflation.
  • Inflation-linked Pension increases will be based on the inflation rate, which means your pension income will keep up with inflation. That also means that increases can be low if inflation is low.
  • Level This type of pension has no increase. Your pension income stays the same every year throughout your retirement. There’s a risk that your monthly pension income might not keep up with inflation.
  • With-profit Pension increases are based on returns earned when the pension provider invests your retirement savings. You have no say in where your money is invested but the starting pension income and declared yearly increases are guaranteed for life. There’s the risk that increases can be low if returns are low.

Employer pension or provident fund

Please contact the Alexander Forbes Contact Centre for a range of client support services such as query resolution, investment values, updating personal information, a surplus legislation helpdesk and investment switches.

For more information on your pension or provident fund, call the Alexander Forbes Contact Centre on 0860 100 333 or email The Alexander Forbes Contact Centre is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00.


Surplus refers to any retirement benefits owed to an individual which remain unpaid or unclaimed after that person’s resignation, dismissal or retrenchment.

Even if you claimed and received your benefits when you left a fund, you may not have received all the benefits due to you. Surplus benefits may be owed as a result of changes in existing legislation or fund rules and, when this happens, the fund is legally required to recalculate the benefits due to its members.

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Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultants – FSP Licences

Alexander Forbes Financial Planning Consultants (Pty) Limited is a licensed financial services provider (FSP 31753).

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