How to Apply to the Namibian Military School

How to Apply to the Namibian Military School

Why Study Military Science?

The rationale for the Military Academic Programmes is an attempt to bridge the skills-shortage gap and ensure sufficient numbers of well trained personnel in Namibia and the SADC region.

In addition, the academic programmes will equip selected officers of the Namibian Defence Force, officials from other Office/Ministries/Agencies (O/M/As) and SADC region within the security sector and young Namibians aspiring to become military officers with the knowledge, skill and attitudes to manage the utilization of technology in contemporary warfare, security, socio-political and organizational environment.

A well rounded and comprehensive set of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes will enable them to function successfully in the Namibian Defence Force or other institutions as managers. This is in line with the national development agenda and Vision 2030 aspirations.

Courses offered

Namibian Military School Entry Requirements

Use the contact details below to inquire for application processes;

Contact Information

Phone : +264 61 206 4847
               +264 61 206 4851