Attachment At Adonai College

Attachment At Adonai College

What is Attachment?

Attachment theory is a psychological, evolutionary and ethological theory concerning relationships between humans. The most important tenet is that young children need to develop a relationship with at least one primary caregiver for normal social and emotional development.


Attachment allows children the ‘secure base’ necessary to explore, learn and relate, and the wellbeing, motivation, and opportunity to do so. It is important for safety, stress regulation, adaptability, and resilience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you define attachment?

Attachment can be defined as a deep and enduring emotional bond between two people in which each seeks closeness and feels more secure when in the presence of the attachment figure. Attachment behavior in adults towards the child includes responding sensitively and appropriately to the child’s needs.

What are the 4 types of attachment?

Bowlby identified four types of attachment styles: secure, anxious-ambivalent, disorganised and avoidant.

What is attachment early childhood?

Attachment refers to a relationship bond between a child or young person and their primary caregiver. This bond is formed in the early years and has a long-term impact on a child’s sense of self, development, growth and future relationships with others.

What are attachment needs?

Attachment involves developing behaviours to ensure the proximity of a caregiver in times of stress. There is no right or wrong way for a child to resolve this need; a child may meet their attachment needs in a range of ways, depending on their experience with a caregiver.

How is attachment formed?

Attachment develops as you respond to your baby’s needs in warm, sensitive and consistent ways. This is especially important when your baby is sick, upset or distressed. Attachment also builds as you go about your daily routines with your baby, caring for them and interacting with them.

What is love and attachment?

Love evokes fond feelings and actions toward the other person, particularly. Attachment is driven by how you feel about yourself with the degree of permanence and safety someone gives you, based on your past relationships. In other words, with love, your person is “the one” you have feelings for.

What is attachment in understanding the self?

Attachment refers the particular way in which you relate to other people. Your style of attachment was formed at the very beginning of your life, during your first two years.

How can I promote positive attachment?

For example, sing to them, read to them, and smile at them. Be nurturing: Show positive behavior through body language (e.g. eye contact, touch, facial expressions and laugh) when you interact with your child. Show them that you are interested in them to help develop their sense of attachment and security.

What is meant by attachment in psychology?

Attachment is an emotional bond with another person. Bowlby believed that the earliest bonds formed by children with their caregivers have a tremendous impact that continues throughout life. He suggested that attachment also serves to keep the infant close to the mother, thus improving the child’s chances of survival.

What’s another word for attachment?

Find another word for attachment. In this page you can discover 47 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for attachment, like: love, fondness, devotion, detachment, adjunct, appendage, liking, accessory, affection, addition and See syn.

What is attachment trauma?

Early attachment trauma is a distressing or harmful experience that affects a child’s ability to form healthy interpersonal relationships. It includes abuse, abandonment, and neglect of an infant or child prior to age two or three. These traumas can have subtle yet long-lasting effects on a person’s emotional health.

What is healthy attachment relationship?

When a person has a secure attachment style, they feel confident in their relationship and their partner. They feel connected, trusting, and comfortable with having independence and letting their partner have independence even as they openly express love.

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What is anxious attachment?

Anxious attachment is a type of insecure relationship that children have with mothers or caregivers. Having this attachment in childhood can affect your relationships later in life.

What is attachment in Gmail?

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