Automotive mechanics at KAYEC

Automotive mechanics at KAYEC

What is Automotive mechanics?

An auto mechanic is a mechanic who services automobiles, sometimes specializing in one or more automobile brands or sometimes working with any brand. In repairing cars, their main role is to diagnose the problem accurately and quickly.


Great mechanics will not only fix your vehicle but they will also help prevent any further car problems down the road. It’s very possible to fix a minor issue as a mechanic and miss a larger problem later. An experienced mechanic will therefore not carelessly overlook or fix a problem incorrectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the work of auto mechanic?

An Auto Mechanic fixes vehicles and replaces their parts for customers. Their duties include repairing the vehicle’s mechanical components, diagnosing problems with cars/ trucks and performing maintenance work on them as well.

What skills do you need for mechanic?

Auto mechanics must develop skills in areas like problem-solving, communication, and attention to detail. Mechanics don’t need a postsecondary degree, but many complete non-degree training programs at a technical school. Auto mechanics need dexterity to complete their jobs

Do mechanics build cars?

Rather than developing new car technologies behind the scenes, auto mechanics do the hands-on work required to maintain and fix customers’ vehicles. They use diagnostic tools to uncover vehicle issues, do preventative maintenance services like oil changes, replace car parts and run extensive vehicle checks.

What do you need to study to become a mechanic?

You can complete an intermediate or advanced apprenticeship as a motor vehicle service and maintenance technician. This will usually take 2 to 3 years. You’ll do on-the-job training and spend time at a college or training provider.

Can mechanics Be engineers?

The article states that engineers are not mechanics. It dives into the scenario in which many modern engineers find themselves. Engineers go to school to learn engineering theory. They do not go to school to be mechanics or machinists.

Is an automotive engineer a mechanic?

In terms of automotive engineers and mechanics, engineers work on vehicles in a broader sense and are involved in everything from designing and developing new vehicles to improving performance. On the other hand, mechanics diagnose and repair vehicles, typically in a garage or workshop.

Whats a car engineer called?

Automotive engineers, also referred to as “automobile engineers”, work with other engineers to enhance the technical performance, aesthetics and software of vehicles.

Which career field is a mechanic?

Motor mechanics maintain and repair motorcars, buses, trucks and other vehicles. They receive information regarding the faults of the vehicle from owners. They take the vehicle for a test drive and use electronic equipment to identify, confirm and locate the problem.

What do mechanics do daily?

Perform basic care and maintenance, including changing oil, checking fluid levels, and rotating tires. Repair or replace worn parts, such as brake pads, wheel bearings, and sensors. Perform repairs to manufacturer and customer specifications. Explain automotive problems and repairs to clients.

Is learning auto mechanics hard?

Even though it can be extremely tough, the physical labor of working as a mechanic can be very rewarding. Some people really enjoy being on their feet and working with their hands. If this is you, strap up and start wrenching. If not, make sure you strongly consider your path as a mechanic.

How do auto mechanics make money?

One of the best ways for an auto mechanic to make extra money is to do work on the side. There are many people who hate to take their car into the dealership for service. But if they know that you will do the work for them outside of the dealership they will be more than happy to pay you for it.

Is being a mechanic hard?

Compared to an office job, mechanic careers are much more physically demanding. You spend much of your day on your feet or in uncomfortable positions when completing repairs. You also typically work routinely with tools and greasy car parts, which is uncomfortable, and often wearing on your hands and arms.

Can you be a mechanic without qualifications?

Although you don’t need formal qualifications to become a mechanic, a lot of mechanics start off with an apprenticeship or some form of structured training, either full-time or while on the job.

Should I do automotive or mechanical engineering?

Automotive engineering has still some way to go in aspects related to costs and durability in India. Mechanical engineering has rather combined well with Civil, Electrical and Electronics but it is unable to contribute to the desired extent in Automotive Engineering especially in terms of quality enhancement.

What is the difference between mechanical and mechanics?

That is, a mechanical engineer knows the core components of the design and production, while a mechanic is trained to maintain the products made by the engineer. The work of a mechanic is “mechanical” while the engineer must apply his imagination and creative thinking while designing.