Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management (4th Year only) at Polytechnic of Namibia

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management (4th Year only) at Polytechnic of Namibia

What is Travel and Tourism Management?

Tourism Management is the leading scholarly journal focuses on the management, including planning and policy, of travel and tourism. The journal takes an interdisciplinary approach in examining international, national and regional tourism as well as specific management issues.


Yes, a career in travel and tourism is not only adventurous but also lucrative. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world with an increasing turnover and career opportunities that the world becomes more interconnected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is tourism a hard course?

The subjects in tourism are not hard, most of them were practical. There were projects than and actual practice. As long as one attends these sessions, one will pass the course. Being attentive to the teachers and submitting the assigned work on time was important to the teachers than being very good in academics.

What do tourism students do?

The Bachelor of Science in Tourism (BS Tourism) is a 4-year multidisciplinary degree that trains students in becoming leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and qualified personnel in the tourism industry. It focuses on cultural aspects such as travel, language, and history.

Can you get a job in tourism?

There is a wide range of different tourism careers to consider, with individual positions ranging from entry-level jobs, to senior management roles. However, it is also a competitive industry, so it is worth taking as many steps as you can to improve your prospects.

What kind of job is tourism?

Tourism jobs are occupations in the travel industry, from planning a trip to transportation and the services provided once you arrive.

Can travelling be a job?

There are multiple possibilities for people who are passionate about travelling. Many job opportunities are available that let you travel as much as you want while making a good amount of money. Jobs that makes you independent of location, accommodation and time. You can work while travelling or travel for your work!

How many years is Travel and Tourism?

Based on credits and notional hours of this qualification, the minimum duration is one year and the maximum duration is three years of study.

Is tourism have math?

Do not enroll in Tourism just because you think there is no Math subjects or Sciences here. You will be mostly dealing with people of different nationalities and personalities so a good physique plus well-stocked head is necessary.

Does tourism have board exam?

There is no board examination for BS in Tourism Management graduates. However, if you want to work in the government sector, you have to take and pass the Civil Service Examination to qualify for civil service eligibility necessary for admission to government service such as in the Department of Tourism.

Is a degree in tourism management worth it?

Yes, a degree in tourism management is worth it. If you want to work in the upper levels of the tourism industry, this degree will give you the edge needed to help you stand out from other applicants.

What is MBA travel and tourism?

MBA Travel and Tourism is a 2 year PG program which includes the introduction of the travel and tourism industry . It focuses on Tourism Marketing, Communication skills, Tourism policy and law, Fundamentals of tourism etc.

Is tourism a flight attendant?

Good news: There is no specific educational requirement to become a flight attendant! However, graduates from people-oriented disciplines* such as travel and tourism, communications, psychology, nursing, and education could have an advantage.

What are the 3 main types of tourism?

Forms of tourism: There are three basic forms of tourism: domestic tourism, inbound tourism, and outbound tourism.

Is BBA tourism good for future?

BBA Graduates in Tourism Management can expect lucrative career opportunities throughout their career. The demand is high and will continue to grow at a steady phase due to increased initiatives of both government and the private sector.

Is tourism an art or Science?

By definition, Tourism can not be a science. Tourism uses different tools such as marketing, statistics, psychology, economics, etc., none of which are sciences except for statistics (math).

Is tourism a BA or BS?

BS in Tourism Major in Travel and Cruise Management is a comprehensive course in Tourism that will provide in-depth knowledge of the cruising industry and hospitality organizations. BS in Tourism Major in Travel Management is a Tourism program that provides knowledge and skills essential in operating travel agencies.