Biomedical Sciences Programme at NUST

Namibia University of Science and Technology NUST Biomedical Sciences Programme

In January 2008, we had our first intake of students. Currently we offer two programmes, namely, a four-year professional Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences and a three year Bachelor of Pre-Hospital Emergency Care.

The department was initiated to address the shortage of adequately qualified health care practitioners in Namibia. The Biomedical Sciences programme was started to initially re-enforce the Namibian healthcare system with adequate numbers of professionally qualified medical laboratory scientists, and thereafter, to maintain a constant supply of these vital professionals to the field of Biomedical Technology in the country or elsewhere, as required.

Emergency medical care, similar to so many healthcare practices, is also a field which was identified as in dire need of practitioners in Namibia. Challenges which the department faces, includes the setting up of research facilities. This process is facilitated by faculties with excellent track records of research and publications in other institutions.


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Ms. Muriel Mouton, Private Secretary
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Department of Health Sciences

Ms. Felicitas Ruhl, Secretary
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Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Ms. Lidwina Newaka, Secretary
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Department of Natural and Applied Sciences

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Faculty Officer
Ms. Mercia Richards
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