Boilermaker and Welding at NIMT

Boilermaker and Welding at NIMT

What is Boilermaker and Welding?

Boilermakers primarily use welding and cutting equipment, but can also utilize tools to fuse, separate, and shape metal plates, sections, and components. Boilermakers contribute to the building, repair or maintenance of structures, including blast furnaces, bridges, rocket boosters, elevators, dams, and locomotives.


Boilermakers install and maintain boiler systems. Boilermakers assemble, install, maintain, and repair boilers, closed vats, and other large vessels or containers that hold liquids and gases.

Frequently Asked Question

Is a boilermaker the same as a welder?

Boilermakers and welders both work with their hands. Boilermakers are often responsible for ongoing maintenance, upkeep, and operation of boilers or other units. Welders solely work with metal parts in a variety of applications.

What are the 3 types of electrical circuits used in automotive?

We will be identifying these items when we look at Automotive Circuits a little later in this book. There are three basic types of circuits: series, parallel, and series-parallel. The type of circuit is determined by how the power source, conductors, loads, and control or protective devices are connected.

Why is a welder called a boilermaker?

Boilermakers are often called due to an emergency with a boiler system. Their work can also involve assembling pre-made boilers rather than creating them from scratch, with some pieces requiring metalwork to be installed.

Is boilermaker a hard job?

Being a boilermaker is physically demanding, and workers must have the necessary strength, coordination, and manual dexterity to complete the job. They also must possess various technical skills, such as the ability to weld, work with a variety of tools, and use rigging.

What is another name for a Boilermaker?

The boilermaker trade evolved from industrial blacksmithing; in the early nineteenth century, a boilermaker was called a boilersmith. The involvement of boilermakers in the shipbuilding and engineering industries came about because of the changeover from wood to iron as a construction material.

What tools do boilermakers use?

Boilermakers align sections using plumb bobs, levels, wedges, and turnbuckles. They use metalworking machinery and other tools to remove irregular edges so that metal pieces fit together properly. They then join them by bolting, welding, or riveting.

What math do Boilermakers use?

Design – Knowledge of design techniques, tools, and principles involved in production of precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models. Mathematics – Knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and their applications.

Can I do boilermaker with maths literacy?

The minimum entry requirements to study Boilermaking at a TVET College are: NC(V) Programme: a Grade 9 Certificate + college requirements set per programme. NATED Programme: Grade 9 for N1 admission; Grade 12 with a pass in Mathematics for N4 admission.

Where can I work as a boilermaker?

As a Boilermaker, you may work indoors or outdoors, usually on a construction site and with a team of other construction professionals. The job is physically demanding and often involves working with heavy machinery or power tools at heights. As with all careers in the construction industry, safety is the top priority.

Can a woman be a Boilermaker?

“MacKenzie is the third female boilermaker I’ve seen in the industry in 16 years. It attracts more males and it’s not really appealing to everyone that’s for sure.” Mr Chamberlain hoped to see more women in the industry, and says a trade certificate paid off.

Is boilermaker a mechanical engineer?

Some of the different types of jobs that are available in the field of mechanical engineering include the following: Assembly Technician. Boilermaker.

What do welders do?

Welders create or repair metal products or goods by using heat to fuse multiple metals, such as brass, stainless steel, or aluminum. Depending on what metals they’re cutting and joining, welders may use a variety of different welding tools and equipment.

What are the three traits that every Boilermaker needs?

The top personality traits of boilermakers are openness and extraversion. Boilermakers score highly on openness, which means they are usually curious, imaginative, and value variety.

What does a boilermaker do in the refineries?

Boilermakers build, maintain, and repair steam boilers, boiler furnaces, and boiler frame structures using hand and power tools. Part of their maintenance duties includes cleaning of boilers and boiler furnaces.

What do Boilermakers do in the mines?

Assemble, install, and repair boilers, closed vats, and other large vessels or containers that hold liquids and gases. Interpret work orders, job orders, specifications, blueprints, ISO’s or other drawings and recognize basic blueprint terms and symbols accurately.