Chairing Meetings at IIT

Chairing Meetings at IIT

What is Chairing Meetings?

Chairing a meeting is when a chairperson conducts a board meeting from start to finish. The meeting consists of a set of predetermined topics formally written out on a meeting agenda.


The chairperson’s role is to run meetings in a way that encourages decisions. The chairperson should allow fair and open discussion of matters and stick to the agenda, so that decisions can be made.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are chairing skills?

To make sure that meetings are run effectively and inclusively, in line with any agreed agenda, to deal with the business at hand. This will include preparation and follow-up, as well as taking charge during the meeting itself.

What skills do you need to chair a meeting?

A good Chair needs to demonstrate a broad spectrum of skills, including: diplomacy, attentiveness, decisiveness, adaptability, assertiveness, and impartiality. One of the most important skills you will require to become a good Chair is that of ‘active listening.

What’s another word for chairperson?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for chairperson, like: director, emcee, executive, head, moderator, monitor, speaker, supervisor, toastmaster, president and chairman.

What does a chairperson do before a meeting?

Before a meeting, the chairperson should meet with the secretary to discuss any matters the meeting will cover. They should both go over and prepare an agenda for the meeting. They should also check to determine whether the committee members received the documents and reports regarding the meeting.

What is the difference between chairman and chairperson?

Chairman refers to a person who presides over any meeting/organisation/board. Chairperson is a gender-neutral term that’s used to refer to a person who presides over any meeting/organisation/board. It is used as a Noun. It is used as a Noun.

Is chairperson and CEO same?

Rank: The chairman is the most senior member of the board of directors or trustees. The CEO is the highest-ranking executive in the organisation’s operating hierarchy. Reporting: The chairman directly manages the company’s board members. The CEO directly manages the company’s senior executives.

What is a chairperson of a company?

A chair is an executive elected by a company’s board of directors who is responsible for presiding over board meetings. A chair often sets the agenda and has significant sway as to how the board votes.

Which is the power of a chairman?

The non-executive chairperson’s duties are typically limited to matters directly related to the board, such as: Chairing the meetings of the board. Organizing and coordinating the board’s activities, such as by setting its annual agenda. Reviewing and evaluating the performance of the CEO and the other board members.

How do you introduce someone in a virtual meeting?

Before the meeting begins, take a couple of minutes to make some small talk to get everyone warmed up. Tell a brief story, relate an experience, or ask everyone about his or her week. Their comfort level will rise and it will be easier to transition into the agenda.

Can a chairman make decisions?

As with any organisation it is expected that the chair will have to make difficult decisions, and if urgent decisions must be made between meetings, the chair must determine whether to call a full committee, or to exercise chair’s action.

Is a chairman a director?

The chairperson of the board is the individual charged with providing the board with leadership, and to harness the talents and energy contributed by each of the individual directors. King III recommends that the chairperson should be an independent non-executive director. The chairperson should not also be the CEO.

Can a chairperson move a motion?

chairperson’s casting vote: if the votes are equal or tied the chairperson may exercise a second or casting vote to decide on a motion (if the rules provide for this). Although the chairperson may use the vote to decide either for or against a motion, it is usual for the vote to be cast against the motion.

Is a chairman an employee?

Though they have some similar responsibilities, an executive Chairman is an employee of the company while a non-executive Chairman is not. The duty of a non-executive Chairman is overseeing the board and they remain at a distance from the company.

Can a chairman be fired?

Poor Performance. Poor performance can get anyone fired from a job, and a board chairman is no different.

Can the CEO fire the chairman?

While the boards often act, at least in the opinion of shareholder activists, like the board and the CEO are in charge, shareholders always have had the theoretical right to get rid of anyone they want. The firing of an individual board member by the CEO or the rest of the board is more common.