Damaged Cars For Sale In Namibia

Damaged Cars For Sale In Namibia

What is a Damage Car?

Damage to the Vehicle includes any loss of or damage to the vehicle whatsoever together with that caused to its tyres, accessories and tools and any other items included in or on the vehicle at the time of hire.

Damaged Cars For Sale In Namibia

Price of a damage car in Namibia ranges from $N 115,000 – N$239 000 including Roadworthy/ Police Clearance.

Frequently Aske Questions (FAQs).

Is it good to buy damaged cars?

Unless you’re a skilled mechanic or you’re looking for a project car, it’s often best to avoid buying salvage title cars. Safety concerns, the potential for costly repairs, and difficulty insuring and selling your car can make the decision clear for most people.

Where is the best place to sell a damaged car?

The most common ways to sell a car with damage and get a cash offer are junkyards, dealerships, and private buyers.

How do I sell my bad car?

You can still sell your damaged car privately, or to a dealer such as GoodBye Car. You may also want to consider Gumtree, Facebook, putting ‘for sale’ in the car window, selling it for parts, or selling it to a scrap yard or junkyard.

Is it cheaper to repair or buy a car?

Generally speaking, it is almost always less expensive to repair a car than buy a new one. Even something as severe as an engine or transmission rebuild will cost you roughly N$1,200 to N$5,000 — far less than buying a new car.

Does damage to a car decrease value?

If you fail to make repairs or the repairs are low quality, your vehicle’s value will also suffer. However, even if you have your car fully repaired after a crash, it will still lose value. Despite the repairs, the vehicle’s market value has decreased simply because it was damaged in an accident.

Can you trade in a badly damaged car?

While you can trade in a damaged car, it’s worth doing a bit of math to see if repairing it is wise. First, you’ll need to see what your car is worth as is, with no repairs. Then you’ll need to compare costs of repairs against how they will affect the value of the car.

What is a damaged car?

Accident damaged vehicles are classified Category S by insurance companies when they have experienced damage to the chassis or structure, but it is capable of being professionally repaired and resold.

How much is import tax in Namibia?

Import VAT is payable on the greater of the free on board (FOB) value plus 10% or the market value. The payment may be deferred in terms of an import VAT account registered with the NamRA to the 20th day of the month following the month of importation.

How much does it cost to ship a car from UK to Namibia?

Our car shipping costs to Walvis Bay start from £1145.00 for a saloon car, such as a Toyota Avensis or from £1195.00 for a standard 4 x 4 such as a Mercedes ML from Sheerness for example.

How much cash can I take to Namibia?

Currency restrictions

The import and export of local currency are limited to N$50,000. The import of foreign currency is unlimited, provided sums are declared on arrival. Export of foreign currency is up to the amount imported and declared.

Does CarMax take damaged cars?

We dig deep into every car’s history to rule out any car with flood damage, frame damage, or salvage history. Any car that can’t meet our Clean Title Guarantee gets sold at auction — not to you. Cars must also pass a 125+ point inspection and undergo a detailed reconditioning to be sold at CarMax.

Can I sell a car with engine failure?

Mechanical issues

This covers any faults with the mechanical components of the car, such as the engine or suspension. If your car isn’t running, you can still sell it but it’ll be hard, and you may have to drastically reduce the price to draw a buyer in.

Is it illegal to sell a faulty car?

If something goes wrong with it you don’t have as much legal protection as you would if you’d bought the car from a dealer. The car must match the seller’s description, be roadworthy and the seller must have the legal right to sell it to you.

How to sell a used car with a bad engine?

Sell the Car to a Junkyard

You can sell your car, blown motor and all, to a junkyard, and they’ll handle the hard part for you. There are two options when you sell your car to a junkyard. You can either sell it as is, and they will use the car for parts, or you can sell it as scrap.

What is the most expensive car part to replace?


The engine

The most expensive part to repair is the car engine. Replacement of a car engine can cost upwards of N$10,000 in a small car and even more in a truck or SUV. It may be better off to replace the car instead of just replacing the engine in some cases.

What is the most expensive part of car to fix?


Engine and its cylinders

The engine can be considered the heart of your vehicle and converts fuel to power so your car can move. As such, it is the most expensive car part to replace and repair, especially if there has been significant damage. This cost can be even higher if you have a luxury car.

Is it worth fixing a 10 year old car?

People are often surprised by how much it costs to keep an older vehicle running, but it is almost always cheaper to repair your car than buy a new one. New cars benefit from modern safety technology like back-up cameras. This might be reason enough for someone to favor buying a new car.

What makes a car lose value?

Car depreciation is the difference between how much your car was worth when you bought it and what it’s worth when you sell it. The value of your car goes down over time with the wear and tear of everyday use. So, the more you drive your car, the faster your car’s value will drop (or depreciate).

What lowers the price of a car?

Maintaining your car prevents the wear and tear that can become quite obvious by the time you come to want to sell it. Doing simple things such as regularly changing the oil, checking and replacing tyres and engine coolant can all contribute to making sure that your car has no obvious flaws when you come to sell it.

How much can I afford for a new car?

Generally, it is advisable to spend between 10-15% of your annual income, and if you want to buy the car of your dream you can consider spending 15-30% of your income. Here’s an example for you. Let’s say that your annual income is around N$60,000. Then you should spend around N$9,000 on buying a car.

Can you trade in a car that doesn’t start?

Dealers accept most vehicles as trade-ins.

Even if your vehicle doesn’t run, it can be towed to the dealership to complete the trade-in. It’s important to note that dealers typically will not accept vehicles with salvage titles as trade-ins.

What does V car mean?

What does V-car registered mean? V-car and other similar terms stand for Vehicle Condition Alert Registered Vehicle – and if the car you’re interested in carries the moniker, you might want to think very carefully about parting with a bundle of cash.

Is engine damage repairable?

If you do have a blown engine, whether or not it can be fixed depends upon the extensiveness of the damage. If the damage is minimal, and a few parts can be replaced, the problem can be fixed. However, if the damage is great and impossible to repair, you may need a complete engine replacement.

Can I import a car in Namibia?

If you do not qualify customs duties (29%, plus 7% ad valorem for higher valued vehicles) will become applicable, and an application for an import permit must be made, prior to shipment of the vehicle to Namibia. SPECIFIC EXCLUSIONS 2.

What do I declare at customs in Namibia?

All goods and gifts, acquired abroad or in any duty-free shop including goods bought duty free on an aircraft and/or ship are subject to payment of customs duty and Value Added Tax (VAT), when brought into Namibia. – A flat rate assessment; on goods brought into Namibia as ACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE.

Can I import a car from Namibia to South Africa?

You can only import a second-hand vehicle into South Africa if you have been granted a permit to do so. The importation of used vehicles is restricted to protect the local motor vehicle manufacturing industry. Permits are only issued under specifically defined circumstances.

What is the cheapest way to ship a car to another country?

The cheapest kind of international car shipping is a RORO vessel. This shipping method is often more affordable for shipping cars than containers or air freight. However, it also leaves your vehicle more susceptible to damage during transport to your final destination.

How long does it take to ship from UK to Namibia?

It costs as little as £40.29* to send goods to Namibia, with delivery usually possible in 3-4 days*.

How much dollars can I carry from Ghana?


a. Any person arriving in or departing from Ghana is permitted to carry up to $10,000.00 or its equivalent in any other monetary instruments without declaration.

What is the best currency to use in Namibia?

The Namibian Dollar is tied to the South African Rand, which is also legal tender in Namibia.