About DAPP (Development Aid from People to People ) Vocational Training School

About DAPP (Development Aid from People to People ) Vocational Training School

DAPP Vocational Training School commenced its activities in September 1991.  The school was built partly by its own students as a part of Onambelela DAPP Centre which is located by the main road from Oshakati to Ruacana, 80 km from Oshakati and 10 km before Outapi.  Establishing the school was an investment in the future, since its aim is to develop human resources, one of the most valuable resources of any country. The Centre has been enjoying annual subsidy since 2000 from the Ministry of Education that has been extended to the NTA.

In 1996, the DAPP Vocational Training School specialising in Bricklaying, plastering, business, secretarial and community development studies were inaugurated by the Namibian Founding Father, first Namibian President Sam Nuuyoma.

DAPP Vocational School aims to educate young Namibians as crafts men and women.  The curriculum contains general knowledge, theory and practice. This gives the young trainees an opportunity to learn practical skills and to gain experience that empowers them to enter the job market.

To ensure quality instructors are trained on a regular basis.

The DAPP Vocational Training School offers programmes for Grade 10 and Grade 12 school leavers to learn technical skills and to gain experience that empowers them to enter the job market. The learners are also encouraged to start up new businesses and to create employment for the other people as well.   It serves currently as a “feeder VTC” to other vocational training institutions and cater for very specific community needs.

The DAPP Vocational Training School further strives to equip the students with personal development skills that will enable them to be capable and caring citizens of Namibia and to take pride in creating and beautifying their learning environment.  Building weekends and campaigns are a culture at the centre where students assist in the building activities, gardening and community activities.

DAPP VTS is a service provider of the Namibia Training Authority which aims to promote vocational training and education in Namibia.

Courses Offered

DAPP training combines theoretical and practical elements, including general knowledge. The skills training takes centre stage and, also here a fruitful exchange between studies in the classrooms and practical exercises in the workshops and labs is fundamental.

Our students take part in operating the school together with the teachers. Planning, preparation and implementation of tasks within a certain area, and the meaning of personal responsibility are some of the capacities that are trained in this way. Culture, sports and a healthy life style add on to the personal development of the students.

Our students are involved in more than their area of study. The students are involved in outreach activities, for example health campaigns, whereby the students mobilise the community to take care of their environment and how to stay healthy, this include cleaning actions, malaria events with information on how to prevent malaria.

All students registered at the centre qualify for a Government study loan that covers tuition, registration fees and course materials.


DAPP Vocational Training School is accredited with the Namibia Qualifications Authority to offer courses in Office Administration and Bricklaying and Plastering. The unit standards are registered on the NQF (National Qualifications Framework).

Former and current students in the specified courses (Office Admin and Bricklaying and Plastering) can get their qualifications evaluated by the NQA to enable them for further study at higher institutions of learning in Namibia.

The DAPP Vocational Training School is also registered as a City and Guilds (Old Pitman), National Trade Testing Centre (NTTC) and Association of Business Managers & Administrators (ABMA) Examination Centre.  DAPP Vocational Training School was awarded approval for a further period of two years to offer City and Guilds qualifications.  This enables DAPP VTS to deliver or undertake assessments for any other City & Guilds complexes, levels or qualifications without separate approval.

The City and Guilds Group is the UK’s largest provider of vocational qualifications, offering over 500 awards across a wide range of industries and progressing from entry level to the highest levels of professional achievement.  With 8500 centres in 100 countries, City & Guilds is recognized by employers worldwide for providing qualifications that offer proof of the skills they need to get the job done.

ABMA offers a wide range of qualifications in vocational and general subjects. These have been developed to provide equal emphasis on the theoretical and practical applications of the said subjects. This equips the candidate with the sort of skill base that would make him/her more impressive to prospective employers. The flexibility of the programs also recognises the different needs and requirements of the job market and of the education system across geographies and hence ABMA works closely with the institutions it is affiliated with to provide the best solutions available to candidates. Certificates and Diplomas awarded by ABMA are recognized and accepted world wide as evidence of skills and qualifications certified to UK standards.

The Vocational Training School maintains a positive relationship between resources employed and results achieved. Limited funding are utilised appropriately for the implementation of activities to provide quality training in vocational education.

The Vocational School is funded by the Ministry of Education via NTA, Humana People to People and private funders.  The Vocational Training School contributes monthly in taxes to the Namibian fiscus and wage bill which all benefits the Namibian economy.