DAPP (Development Aid from People to People) Vocational Training School Entry Requirements

DAPP (Development Aid from People to People) Vocational Training School Entry Requirements

DAPP Namibia is a Namibian non-profit organization registered 21/90/45 since 1990 and as a Welfare Organisation WO 85 since 1993.since 1990.  DAPP Namibia is a member and co-founder of the Federation Humana People to People.  Investing in Social Development.

Our objectives.

To carry out welfare and developmental work of any nature and assist the people of Namibia in order to improve the quality of life. To help children, young people and families in distress or in need.

Our Vision

To see  a society  where all  have their   basic needs met,  in an  environment of participatory democracy,  human  rights and responsibilities,  mutual  respect,  with  equal opportunities for all.

Our Mission

To advocate for and practice solidary  humanism  at  individual, family ,  community and national level through implementation of development projects in  the areas of education and training,  health and social welfare,  community  development, tree planting  and environment.


DAPP Namibia works in close cooperation with the Namibian government, development partners and many private business and organizations DAPP Namibia implementing projects that benefit the people of Namibia and assisting government in reaching national development goals.

Use the contact information below for support on the entry requirements

Contact Details For How to Apply to DAPP (Development Aid from People to People ) Vocational Training School

Windhoek Office
Blenkinsop Street 6
Windhoek North
P.O. Box 26660 Windhoek

Phone:  +264 (0)61 258220