Deck Officer Class 5 Course at Namfi

Deck Officer Class 5 Course at Namfi

What is Deck Officer Class 5 Course?

A Certificate for Deck Officer Class 5 Pleasure Craft is required in order to operate a recreational craft with a hull length of 15 metres and upwards, but less than 24 metres, in the trade area Great Coasting.


Responsible in carrying out the tasks and responsibilities assigned by the Bosun with regards to the ship’s maintenance. Assists the Officer of the Watch, when assigned to watch keeping duties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is deck officer?

Deck officers maintain watches on the bridge at sea and about the ship in port. They are responsible for passage planning, safe navigation of the vessel, cargo loading and discharge, ship stability, communications and maintenance of the hull and deck equipment.

What is deck cadet course?

A deck cadet or trainee navigational deck officer or nautical apprentice is an apprentice who has to learn the basic duties of a deck officer onboard a ship. The cadet has to complete the prescribed sea-time obtain a certificate of competency as officer in charge of a navigational watch.

What is deck work?

Work on deck including chipping, painting, grinding etc. is carried out to maintain the structural integrity of the deck, along with some rope work (e.g., splicing) that gives cadets the right aspect towards good seamanship.

What is deck in Marine?

The deck forms a singular central construction, acting as a ceiling-of-sorts to the hull of the vessel. However, the term deck also refers to each of the numerous levels or storeys of a ship. A ship has a number of different types of decks which are located at different levels and places on the ship.

What is the role of deck department?

The deck department is responsible for safely receiving, discharging, and caring for cargo during a voyage. The ship’s bosun, an able seaman (AB) day worker, and a watchstander AB are seen here working aloft aboard a U.S. freighter to maintain cargo rigging.

What comes after deck cadet?

The deck officer first starts off as a deck cadet and on completing requisite sea-time and examination goes on to become a third officerand then a second officer, later a Chief Officer and then a Captain of a ship.

Is deck cadet A rating?

Deck Cadet/Cadette – are part of deck ratings as he needs exposure to all deck works since he/she is just starting out his/her sea career. He/She needs guidance and supervision at all times by his seniors and needs to learn all the basic seamanship and deck works.

What is deck crew?

The deck department is responsible for ensuring safe navigation of vessels, safe handling and maintaining cargo on the vessels in good condition. The ranks of deck officers include master mariners, chief mates, second and third officers, as well as night vision officers.

Who is a deck operator?

Deck Officers work in water transport vessels such as cruises, riverboats, merchant ships, or any type of self-propelled water vehicle that transports passengers or cargo across oceans, coasts, or inland waters. Their main duty involves all the daily operations necessary to keep the vessel running.

What is deck rating?

Deck Rating are responsible in supporting the maintenance and up-keep of the deck areas of the vessel. They are also involved in supporting navigational watch keeping, mooring / anchoring, cargo operations and emergency response.

What is the minimum number of deck officer?

(1) Subject to paragraph (2) of this Regulation, sail training ships shall carry a minimum number of two qualified deck officers of whom one shall be the holder of a certificate of competency Class 1 and the other the holder of a certificate of competency Class 2.

Who is a deck sailor?

Experienced deckhands working on large, seafaring ships may be promoted to the position of boatswain, which is the head deckhand. Seamen may work on aircraft carriers. Other common sailors’ jobs include the position of mate, or deck officer. Larger vessels that have more than one mate have a strict chain of command.

How long does it take to become a deck officer?

With the appropriate amount of sea time and after an examination, you become an able seaman. After six months working in a ship’s wheelhouse, followed by successful completion of the third mate examination, you reach the most junior deck officer rank.

Is an entry level position in the deck department?

Ordinary Seaman or OS is an entry-level position in the deck department. An OS performs various general duties within the deck department. His duties include taking care of general needs of the crew and guarding the ship while in port. This position has a possibility for promotion to Able Seaman.

What is 2nd officer in ship?

Nowadays, the role of a second officer on board any ship is that of a navigating officer; he is in charge of navigation, navigational equipment and navigational publications. He reports to the captain of the ship. Deck work charge is not expected on a second officer but he may do so.