Diploma in Sound Technology At COTA

Diploma in Sound Technology At COTA

What is Sound Technology?

Sound recording and reproduction is an electrical, mechanical, electronic, or digital inscription and re-creation of sound waves, such as spoken voice, singing, instrumental music, or sound effects. The two main classes of sound recording technology are analog recording and digital recording.


Audio technicians, otherwise known as sound technicians, assist with recordings and sound production by setting up sound and recording equipment, testing equipment, and making adjustments. They generally work in recording studios, concert venues, television, film, and radio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sound music Tech?

Music technology, essentially, has the purpose of enabling sound production, manipulation, storage and reproduction.

What is the new sound technology?

The new technology, dubbed sound beaming, uses a 3-D sensing module from the speaker, locating and tracking the ear’s position to send audio via ultrasonic waves. The waves create sound pockets by the user’s ears, and can be heard in stereo or a spatial 360 degree sound around the listener.

Who do sound technicians work with?

The sound technicians who work in the broadcasting industry are the skilled professionals who make films, TV shows and music videos sound amazing. Essentially, these guys use technical equipment to record sound, amplify voices and edit recordings.

How is audio made?

An analog audio system converts physical waveforms of sound into electrical representations of those waveforms by use of a transducer, such as a microphone. The sounds are then stored on an analog medium such as magnetic tape, or transmitted through an analog medium such as a telephone line or radio.

How is music technology used?

Innovative music technologies are also integral to the creation of a lot of modern music. Software-based virtual instruments and MIDI technology allow people to use millions of sounds in the production of their music, which musicians can program and manipulate in complex ways.

What is audio programming?

So audio programming is writing software that is concerned with sound. There are many purposes of audio programming: Synthesis: whether of music or speech, a lot of audio software is written to generate some sort of audible output solely from the input parameters.

Is music technology the same as sound engineering?

Music Production incorporates a producer and a creative role that goes through the entire process of creating music. This is more of managerial role. So that includes beats, writing loops, and sketching out demo songs. Audio engineering is the actual recording of the production.

Is sound engineering related to music?

Sound Engineering is one of the branches of engineering discipline which deals with the study of music, movies and theatre in recording, manipulation, mixing and reproduction. This field is challenging but at the same time rewarding as well.

What is audio visual technology?

AV is an abbreviation for Audio Visual, which is used to describe electronic media that possess an audio (sound) and visual (sight) component. AV technology refers to the actual equipment or tools that convey these components, such as lighting, projectors, speakers, and displays.

What is sound beaming?

Perhaps just as landlines are outdated to a new era of smartphones. Israeli company, Noveto Systems, has debuted new audio technology dubbed ‘sound beaming’, with the desktop device allowing the ability to send sound directly to the listener.

What is digital surround sound?

Surround sound audio is, simply put, sound that surrounds you. It means a speaker in virtually every corner of the room, projecting high-quality digital sound at you from all angles, just like in a movie theater.

What equipment does a sound engineer use?

Most equipment you will need will come with a music software. A music software program like Apple Logic Pro will allow you to record and edit audio, use virtual instruments, audio effects, tool kits, loops and patches. Logic Pro also offers mixing and mastering for your songs.

Do you need qualifications to be a sound engineer?

You could do a foundation degree or degree in Sound Engineering and Production, Audio Engineering or Music Production. You’ll usually need at least one A-level (or equivalent) for a foundation degree and two to three A-levels (or equivalent) for a degree.

Is sound technician a good career?

So, YES sound engineering is definitely a good career and its a wonderful time for aspirants to learn and pursue this career. According to the US Labor statistics data, the average annual sound engineer salary has been on the rise since 1999.

Why is it called a speaker?

A speaker is called a speaker literally because when first used they would be used for recording voice and playing back as if they were speaking. Speakers got split between high pitched treble ones which would “tweet” like a bird – they’re called tweeters.

What is the purpose of audio?

Audio can be used to enhance multimedia applications in a number of ways, for example in delivering lectures over the web, music used to add interest and emotion to a presentation, and other non-speech audio used as part of a general interface.