Business administration is the administration of a commercial enterprise. It includes all aspects of overseeing and supervising business operations.


The Doctor of Business Administration program (DBA) is a three-year graduate program that enhances the knowledge and skills of business administration graduates on the theories, concepts and practices in management, managerial processes and research methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a DBA still a Doctor?

The DBA is considered a professional doctorate, and the PhD is an academic doctorate. Both are advanced research degrees that involve conducting original research, analyzing data, and producing important findings.

Which one is better PhD or DBA?

The DBA programme is focused on the professional-managerial experience of the student. The PhD programme is especially focused on developing a profound knowledge of a particular issue or area and the preparation of scientific research which is important for the development of selected sectors.

What can a Doctor in business administration do?

A doctoral degree in business administration trains you for senior leadership roles such as C-level and organizational management positions in corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies. The field of business is multidisciplinary, and DBA programs allow students to specialize in specific areas.

Can a DBA be a professor?

“Students of a DBA program most likely already work in industry and do not want to teach full-time in academia, although they may teach as adjunct professors.”

Is a DBA respected?

A DBA degree is a widely respected and acknowledged professional doctorate in Business Administration. It is designed to challenge the practical knowledge an experienced professional has acquired through their existing career in business, management, or leadership.

Is a DBA better than an MBA?

The DBA is most certainly an in-demand degree, however, it likely will not overtake the MBA in terms of number of graduates. That being said, the DBA is a very well respected degree and, in combination with your own talents and experiences, can help you stand out among your MBA-credentialed peers.

Is a DBA good for teaching?

The training provided to DBA students from top research universities certainly positions the candidate for a successful career in academia. But the real value and attraction comes from the combination of rigorous scholarly training merged with real business experience that is embodied in a DBA graduate.

Is a DBA and PhD the same?

A PhD is a research degree for candidates who would like to pursue a career in academia and conduct research that contributes to business knowledge or theory. A DBA is a professional doctorate with a focus on theoretical knowledge and its use in business practice.

How long does it take to get a doctorate?

On average, a Ph. D. may take up to eight years to complete. A doctorate degree typically takes four to six years to complete—however, this timing depends on the program design, the subject area you’re studying, and the institution offering the program.

Can I get a DBA without an MBA?

Can you get a DBA without an MBA? Usually, an MBA and professional experience are often a requirement for taking a DBA course. However, academic prerequisites can be flexible; therefore, you may be admitted without an MBA (or other Masters) but with real-life experience.

What degree is above MBA?

DBA: A DBA goes beyond an MBA and trains students in business research and equips them to know how to handle complex business problems and understand advanced topics. It is more on the theoretical than the practical side.

What degree is better than an MBA?

If you have a love of numbers, a Master of Finance just might be a better choice than an MBA. Master of Finance programs are typically a bit easier to get into, and while most MBA programs require at least three years of work experience, advanced finance students can come in with just internship experience.

How do you abbreviate Doctor of Business Administration?

The Doctor of Business Administration (commonly abbreviated as D.B.A., DBA, DrBA, or Dr.B.A.) can be a professional doctorate or a research doctorate, depending on the granting university, awarded on the basis of advanced study, examinations, project work, and research in business administration.

What is a DBA license?

Basically, a doing business as (DBA) license allows you to transact business using a name other than your legal name. Not every state requires a DBA license, but you should be sure to research the rules in your state before attempting to do business with a fictional name.

What’s the difference between a PhD and a doctorate?

Bottom line: As the PhD is more academic, research-focused, and heavy on theory, an applied doctorate degree is intended for you to master a subject in both theory and practice.

Can I go for PhD after MBA?

Ans: Yes, one can do a PhD after MBA. There are Various Business Schools all over the world that offer PhD programs that can be pursued after an MBA. For the MBA itself, many schools require some years of work experience.