Dodge Ram For Sale in Namibia

Dodge Ram For Sale in Namibia

What is Dodge Ram?

Pre-2009 trucks are called Dodge RAM, whereas post-2009 pickups are only called RAM trucks. They’re still the same company; the only difference is that Dodge SUVs, minivans, and cars are under Dodge branding, and their pickups are labeled as the RAM brand.

Dodge Ram For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Ram cars made?

Ram “Classic” trucks are made at the Warren Truck Plant in Warren, Michigan and at the Saltillo plant in Saltillo, Mexico. New series Ram pickups are made at Sterling Heights Assembly in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Since its inception, the brand has used the slogan “Guts. Glory.

Which car is Dodge Ram?

The Ram pickup (marketed as the Dodge Ram until 2010) is a full-size pickup truck manufactured by Stellantis North America (formerly Chrysler Group LLC and FCA US LLC) and marketed from 2010 onwards under the Ram Trucks brand.

Who owns RAM now?

In 2009, Dodge’s parent company, Chrysler, decided to make RAM a standalone marque. But both Dodge and RAM are owned by the Chrysler group, which is itself a subsidiary of Stellantis.

How much does a Dodge RAM cost?

The 2023 Ram 1500 starts at $30,695 in its standard Tradesman trim, which is above average for a traditional gas-powered full-size pickup. Several midlevel trims are available, including the Big Horn, which costs $42,625. This trim offers stronger engines and more available features, like a larger touch screen.

What’s the difference between Dodge RAM and Ram?

Are Dodge and Ram the Same Thing? In 2009, the Chrysler Group restructured the Dodge brand. Cars and minivans went under the Dodge nameplate, while its trucks, the Dodge Ram and Dodge Dakota, became Ram trucks. Since the 2010 model year, Ram has been a separate part of the same company that focuses solely on trucks.

Why did Dodge drop the RAM?

The Dodge Ram lineup was revitalized again in 1981 where it continued under this moniker until 2009. Under the ownership of FCA it was decided that the two brands should be separate entities. The separation of Dodge from Ram allowed Dodge to focus on technological advancements in their sedans and muscle cars.

Is Dodge Ram a luxury truck?

Ram was one of the first brands to move into the luxury end of the truck market with the Laramie, which it touted as a top-of-the-line vehicle.

When did Dodge stop using Ram?

Dodge RAM vs. Dodge and RAM. While it may surprise you, Dodge RAM trucks have not been produced since 2008! Dodge and RAM formally separated into their own respective divisions in 2009.

What is the oldest Dodge Ram?

When was the first Ram truck manufactured? Ram trucks made their first appearance in 1981 when the “Dodge Ram 150” series was released. Though Dodge had used the Ram name before on both trucks and vans, it was not an official model designation.

Does Dodge have SUV?

Dodge has been cast as the performance brand in the Stellantis conglomerate, exemplified by the Charger sedan and Challenger coupe. The Durango three-row SUV is a capable and refined model. The upcoming small Hornet is positioned as a performance-oriented sporty compact SUV.