E-Med Rescue 24 Namibia

E-Med Rescue 24 Namibia

E-Med Rescue 24 Namibia

Vission of EMed Rescue Namibia

We strive to provide superior quality emergency medical assistance to ensure peace of mind of all our clients.

Mission of EMed Rescue Namibia

We save lives.

Why do you need E-med Rescue 24?

E-Med Rescue 24 is Namibia’s first wholly locally owned emergency medical evacuation company. E-Med Rescue 24 is a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week, emergency rescue and paramedical service company. It focuses on advanced life support in the pre-hospital setting. Usually advanced medical life support is provided to patients when they reach the hospital emergency rooms. E-Med aims to take the services of the emergency room to the patient.

In a medical emergency, your life depends on fast, professional emergency medical evacuation / transportation. One telephone number might mean the difference between life and death.

The cost of medical emergency evacuation can run from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Do not be caught off guard by this potential financial burden, when you need it most. You and your family can be covered by the most comprehensive emergency evacuation product. Ask your Medical Aid, bank or short term insurer whether your product includes E-Med Rescue 24. If not, contact us right away and ensure that you and your family’s lives are in good hands.

EMed Rescue Namibia Services (Offers)

Call Center Services

Road Ambulance Services

On Site Paramedics

Air Ambulance Services

Emergency Bracelets


EMed Rescue 24 Namibia Course Training

First Aid Level A and First Aid for the Workplace as per attached outline.
BLS for health Care Providers
registered with the South African Resuscitation Council.
Accredited with American Hearts Association and the Fire Extinguisher Training is as follows:

1) Training on Triangle of Combustion
2) Training on Classification of Fires
3) Training on general housekeeping and fire preventative measures in and around the Workplace
4) Training on the identification of fire hazards in and around the workplace
5) Training on general evacuation procedures
6) Training on the handling and practical use of Fire Extinguishers

EMed Rescue 24 Training Courses [Attached Document]


EMed Rescue 24 Namibia Contact Details

If you would like to know more about E-Med Rescue 24, submit a client review or find out how you can help complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Kindly note that this form should not be used in case of a medical emergency.

Head Office
Eros Airport
Aviation Road

Ms Mandy Platt
General Telephone: +264 61 411 601
Fax: +264 61 411 611

924 (within Namibian borders)
+264 61 411 600 (International)

Fax: +264 61 411 611

EMed Rescue 24 Namibia Branches

Challenged by a country with limited hospital facilities in rural areas and vast distances to be travelled between towns, E-Med’s national infrastructure is equipped to overcome these challenges.

Forming part of the of E-Med’s paramedical infrastructure is our 24 hour call centre which is supported by state of the art ground ambulances, air ambulances and response vehicles.