Electrical Millwright at NIMT

Electrical Millwright at NIMT

What is Electrical Millwright?

Millwrights or electromechanicians install and maintain heavy machinery used in industry. They perform maintenance work on production machines, electrically driven machines and electronic control gear. The work is both mechanical and electrical.


A Millwright or electromechanician is a highly skilled tradesman who installs and maintains heavy machinery used in industry. They perform maintenance work on production machines, electrically-driven machines and electronic control gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a millwright and an electrician?

Electricians run wires through buildings and to outdoor systems and connect electricity to the wiring so that things like lights work properly. Millwrights assemble and disassemble machines. Millwrights may also use construction equipment, such as cranes, for some of their jobs.

Is a millwright a good career?

Millwright is a profession that provides many opportunities for advancement. It can be physically demanding, but it is also one of the most versatile careers in terms of location and type of work performed.

What is the job description of a millwright?

Basic millwright skills include installation, maintenance, and repair of industrial machinery and equipment. Using specialized tools, such as welders or hydraulic bolters, they align and replace a machine’s individual parts. They also move and relocate machinery on- and off-site.

Are millwrights engineers?

Since the use of these structures originates in antiquity, millwrighting could arguably be considered one of the oldest engineering trades and the forerunner of modern mechanical engineering. In modern usage, a millwright is engaged with the erection of machinery.

Do millwrights Weld?

Millwrights utilize welding and operate metal-shaping machines. They also interpret drawings, follow layouts, and assemble parts until they are in perfect working order. Industrial mechanics and millwright may be cross-trained in a second trade, such as pipe fitting, welding, machining, or electrical maintenance.

What math do millwrights need?

Course Description: This course is an introduction to mathematics for the millwright trade including working with numbers, fractions, decimals, conversations, ratio and proportion, triangles and trigonometry and math formulas related to the trade.

What is the difference between a millwright and a mechanic?

Millwrights carry out the assembly and setup tasks for these machines, while industrial machinery mechanics perform the repair and maintenance work required.

Can a millwright fix a car?

The same way a mechanic fixes and maintains a car, a millwright fixes and maintains industrial machinery. If you’re unfamiliar with this occupation, we will review the basics below, and give tips on what to look for when hiring your next millwright.

What is millwright course?

A millwright course equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to work as a millwright. As a millwright, you will mostly work with heavy machinery and equipment, and you will use your skills to do installations and repairs.

Do millwrights work inside or outside?

A millwright working with power equipment might work in residential, commercial and industrial facilities. A millwright may work exclusively in one location or they may travel to different sites, providing repairs, maintenance and installations on a rotating schedule for a company with multiple locations.

Is a millwright a fitter?

Is that millwright is a person who designed, erected and built mills and milling machinery while fitter is a person who fits or assembles something.

Is a millwright a machinist?

Often the two titles are interchangeable and the duties crossover, including repairing, installing and maintaining heavy machinery, inspecting equipment, and operating power tools. Generally speaking, machinists manufactured machine and millwrights perform the installation and maintenance procedures for the machine.

What is a millwright welder?

What is a Millwright/Welder. A Millwright is a highly skilled worker responsible for assembling, installing, dismantling, repairing, and maintaining machinery in their area of work.

Do all millwrights travel?

A lot of millwrights actually do this. If you’re not willing to travel, then you’re not going to make a whole lot of money. It’s all about how much you’re willing to work. It’s a performance-based trade, so if you work really hard, that gets noticed.

What is on the millwright test?

The Millwright Test is for use in selecting millwright candidates who have knowledge in the following areas: Hydraulics & Pneumatics; Burning & Fabrication and Print Reading; Power Transmission & Lubrication; Pumps & Piping; Rigging; Mechanical Maintenance; and Shop Equipment & Tools, Materials & Equipment.