Electrician Salaries In Namibia

Electrician Salaries In Namibia

Who is an Electrician?

An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines, and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure. A person working as an Electrician in Namibia typically earns around 7,940 NAD per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can electricians make 6 figures in Namibia?

The top 10 percent of electricians earn more than $82,680. But if you are working overtime or are taking on commercial jobs, you can easily make six figures. If you move to a big metropolitan area with high demand, you can also expect to make six figures a year.

Is electrician a good career in Namibia?

Electricians enjoy excellent job prospects. There are also many advantages to this career. In addition to these benefits, electricians can take satisfaction in playing an important role in their communities. Without their wiring work, the world might not be as comfortable of a place.

Can electricians be rich in Namibia?

You can make well over a typical middle class income as an electrician and if you reinvest your networth will grow. Eventually, you will be rich.

Is electrician a stable job in Namibia?

As far as the job outlook for electricians, you can expect a 9% growth rate through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about as fast as average. It’s a good thing to consider that electricians will have job stability and security in the coming years.

Is electrician a stressful job in Namibia?

Electricians, like police officers, firefighters, and deep sea fishermen, make up the frontline of a dangerous job. An electrician is put into a stressful situation if they are assigned hazardous jobs or need to complete a complicated task faster than normal.

Can you make 100K as a electrician in Namibia?

Electricians CAN make 100K per year. This is assuming that they are trained (gone through an apprenticeship) or certified (journeyman or Master) in their respective area.

Are electricians smart in Namibia?

After all, electrical work requires both strong physical labor and intelligent problem solving. Electricians need to solve complex issues that require critical thinking and expertise. In fact, electrical work is not repetitive or monotonous.

Can I become an electrician at 30 in Namibia?

It’s hard to become an electrician at any age because of the educational requirements. A very high percentage of immigrants to Namibia are in skilled trades such as being electricians and plumbers. After the apprenticeship period, the money can be very good but the hours can be long.

What do I need to do to become an electrician in Namibia?

You’ll need to have an industry recognised level 3 qualification for example a level 3 diploma in electrotechnical services. Most people get into this career via an apprenticeship. It normally takes two to four years to become fully qualified.

Do electricians need math in Namibia?

While many basic jobsite math problems can be done in an electrician’s head or with the aid of a calculator, many equations require a true practical knowledge of the relevant mathematical discipline. Electricians must confidently use math to guide their work and comply with all industry regulations.

How hard is electrician math in Namibia?

You can have a successful career as an electrician knowing nothing more than basic arithmetic and, maybe, very elementary algebra. Don’t be intimidated by the algebra, it’s not as difficult as it looks. The higher you go the more math you will need. All the math needed is in the Code.

Do electricians travel a lot in Namibia?

Electricians may spend their time working inside buildings under construction or renovation or outdoors on power and telecommunications systems. It’s not uncommon for electricians to travel 100 miles or more from their home to complete work.

How dangerous is electrician in Namibia?

Electricians are most often hurt from falls, electrical burns, exposure to toxic materials, and even face increased risks from working in small tight spaces and varying outdoor conditions.

Can I become an electrician at 50 in Namibia?

Less popular than plumbing or gas engineering, we still help a fair few over 50s to retrain as electricians. Electrical testing is a great route to go down in this case, as you can avoid the constant activity you’d find elsewhere in the electrical trade and carry on working until you’re ready to retire.

What does an electrician produce in Namibia?

Maintenance Electricians who test and maintain electrical equipment and often work in commerce or heavy industry. Production Electricians who construct complex electrical and electronic appliances from wiring diagrams.