Elementary First Aid(STCW 95 )at Namfi

Elementary First Aid(STCW 95 )at Namfi

What is Elementary First Aid(STCW 95 )?

STCW Elementary First Aid (EFA) is designed to form part of the minimum basic safety training for seafarers. The aim of this EFA course is to give all persons intending to go to sea a basic knowledge of the immediate action to be taken upon encountering an accident or other medical emergencies at sea.


First aid makes a significant contribution to an ill or injured person’s recovery. The primary objective of first aid is to preserve life. First aid training focuses on providing immediate care to sick or injured patients until full medical help is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is STCW?

STCW Convention stands for Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping. The reason for them is, among other things, to keep you, a seafarer, safe while at sea.

What’s the difference between STCW 95 and STCW 2010?

Basically, STCW 2010 has replaced STCW 95 and is the new code that all seafarers working on board commercial vessels must adhere to. There are some notable changes to the code that you need to be aware of. The main one that affects all seafarers is the introduction of revalidation training.

Why is STCW mandatory?

The basic idea with which STCW training course was introduced is the main reason that makes it mandatory for every seafarer to be a passed candidate with shipping training before they can go out on waters.

What is first aid short answer 3?

First Aid:When an accident happens and someone gets hurt, we should try to keep cool and help the injured person. The first immediate help that an injured person needs is called first aid. In case of bleeding, wash the wound with clean water and cotton. If the bleeding does not stop, apply a bandage.

Is STCW 95 still valid?

The STCW95 refresher training course is now compulsory for all certificates with an expiry date after January 1st, 2017. Basic STCW 95 refresher training is now mandatory every five years.

How many courses are in STCW?

The four basic STCW courses are as follows: Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities – This is a classroom-based course that focuses on teaching the essentials of basic safety.

How do I get a STCW certificate?

To obtain an STCW certificate or endorsement you first need to successfully complete a training program approved by the issuing administration or to complete a period of approved seagoing service. For most certificates you will need a combination of both.

What are the types of first aid?

What are the ABCs of first aid? The ABCs of first aid traditionally stand for airway, breathing, and circulation. When someone is unconscious or unresponsive, you should check and clear their airway and provide rescue breathing and chest compressions. ABC can also stand for awake, breathing, and continue care.

What is safety and first aid?

Safety can be defined as the control of recognized hazards to achieve an acceptable level of risk. First aid is the first and foremost treatment given to the victim of sudden accident or injury.

What is in first aid box?

Dressings and bandages (gauze role, sterile gauze pads, eye pad, roll of adhesive tape, elastic bandage for sprains, sterile cotton balls and swabs). Over-the-counter medicine for cuts, burns, and injuries. Special medicines for members of your household. Latex gloves.

Does STCW Elementary First Aid expire?

In accordance with IMO rules, this course has no expiry date since it is considered the certificate holder will be acting as an initial responder under the guidance onboard ship of the holder of a more advanced Medical First Aid certificate.

Do STCW certificates expire?

For revalidation of STCW certificates without the required refresher trainings or practical assessment of competence, the corresponding COCs or COPs will only be valid for one (1) year from the date of issuance subject to compliance with the provisions stated in the Advisory.

How long does your STCW 95 last?

The qualification is still referred to as the STCW95 despite the updates being made in 2010. An STCW certificate is valid for 5 years.

Who needs STCW Basic Training?

Any crew member working on a commercial ship or Yacht are required to have the STCW Basic Training certificate which forms one section of STCW.

What happens if my STCW expires?

When your STCW certificate is expired there is a possibility that you are allowed to take the refresher course. If you have a valid boat license you can take the refresher course, but if you don’t have one you will have to take the basic course again.