Fiat 500 For Sale in Namibia

Fiat 500 For Sale in Namibia

What is Fiat 500?

The Fiat 500 (Italian: Cinquecento, pronounced [ˌtʃiŋkweˈtʃɛnto]) is a city car that was manufactured and marketed by Fiat Automobiles from 1957 until 1975. It was sold as a two-door semi-convertible or saloon car and as a three-door panel van or estate car.

Fiat 500 For Sale in Namibia

Fiat 500. N$ 67,900 | 93 000km. 2014; Petrol; Manual. Windhoek; Hatchback; Climate Control. * approx 10% interest over 72 month ± 10% deposit

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best year Fiat 500 to buy?

The older the model, the better the vehicle on the road. The company had time to shift components of the car and perfect anything less than ideal on the market. According to, the best years for the Fiat 500 are 2018 and 2019. These years received the least number of complaints from customers.

Are Fiat 500S good cars?

Sporty looks, cheap to run and fun to drive, the Fiat 500S is one of the best city cars on sale. If you want Abarth looks and the cute character of the standard Fiat 500, then the sporty 500S is well worth a look.

Are old Fiat 500 reliable?

It last featured in 2021, when it finished in an unremarkable 67th place. Fiat as a brand placed last out of 29 manufacturers in the 2022 survey, but had just 13% of respondents reporting a fault with their Fiat in the first year, which suggests reliability isn’t terrible.

Is Fiat 500 still available?

The FIAT® 500, an iconic and Italian classic made its U.S. debut in 2011. Over the years, its charming design and fun driving capability captured the attention and hearts of drivers everywhere. And while production has now ended, the FIAT 500 legacy will always live on.

Which is the most reliable Fiat 500 engine?

The 1.4-litre petrol is a great engine, as it’s smooth and has plenty of performance, so this would be our pick in older models. The later 1.0-litre petrol engine is the best of all, however, so if you are buying a 500 that’s a bit younger, choose this engine.

Which Fiat 500 is the most economical?

For the most economical motoring in a 500 the 1.3 MultiJet turbodiesel is the pick, its 78.5mpg on the official combined cycle and 95g/km of CO2 sure to keep running costs low.

Are Fiat expensive to repair?

The average annual repair cost for a Fiat is $538, which means it has above average ownership costs.

Why did the Fiat 500 fail?

Due to faulty wiring beneath the steering column, Fiat 500s in the affected years were losing the power in their power steering, which put these cars and their drivers at higher risk of accidents. The problem was caused by premature wear and sudden electrical failures.

How long does Fiat 500 petrol last?

How long can you keep going?

Car ModelAverage # of miles left after warning light comes on
Fiat 50037.14 miles
Fiat Punto45.79 miles
Ford Fiesta41.07 miles
Ford Focus53.01 miles

Is Fiat 500 good for long distance?

Either way the 500 can handle long trips pretty well, though the longest drive ive done in my car was only about 400 miles total in a day. Its comfortable for two, though the lack of an arm rest for the front passenger can get annoying.