Firefighter Salaries In Namibia

Firefighter Salaries In Namibia

Who Is Firefighter in Namibia?

Firefighters respond to fires, accidents and other incidents where there are risks to life and property. Full-time firefighters help protect the public in emergency situations. A person working as a Fire Fighter in Namibia typically earns around 9,920 NAD per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do firefighters get paid in Namibia?

How much money does a Fire Fighter make in Namibia? A person working as a Fire Fighter in Namibia typically earns around 9,920 NAD per month. Salaries range from 4,570 NAD (lowest) to 15,800 NAD (highest). This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits.

How do I become a firefighter in Namibia?

  • Grade 12 Pass.
  • Valid First Aid Certificate.
  • Fire Fighting certificate NFPA 1001 & 1003 or equivalent.
  • Valid Code CE drivers’ license.
  • 3 years relevant experience.
  • Experience in a medium to large Airport firefighting services, with at least three years as a Fireman.

Who makes more a firefighter or paramedic in Namibia?

Firefighters make more than paramedics working in the same area and can increase their pay if they earn paramedic certification. Most firefighters are required to become EMTs, which is why you often see fire trucks at medical emergencies.

Do nurses make more than firefighters in Namibia?

From a salary perspective, at first glance, it looks like nurses have a big advantage. However, while the initial salary may not be as high as a nurse’s over a period of time, some firefighters will earn more than their nursing counterparts.

What are the disadvantages of being a firefighter in Namibia?

  • You Witness Innocent People Suffering (and Dying)
  • You’re there when Families Lose their Loved Ones.
  • You Miss Family Events.
  • The Pay isn’t Amazing.
  • It’s Dangerous.

Is firefighter a good career in Namibia?

A firefighter career is both demanding and rewarding. The work is hard and often dangerous, but it’s extremely satisfying to save lives and help others in need. Because of the unique requirements of the career, a firefighter job requires a combination of preparation and research.

At what age do most firefighters retire in Namibia?

It’s a myth that all firefighters retire at 50 with 90% of their salary. The minimum retirement age for all new firefighters in Marin is 57. While some Marin firefighters hired earlier are allowed to retire at age 55 (and a few at 50), few have the 30 years of service required to see this now defunct benefit.

Are firefighters intelligent in Namibia?

Although firefighters do need to possess a certain degree of intelligence, there are certainly many other professions that require more “brain power” than being a firefighter. I consider firefighters to be of average intelligence, but very well-rounded.

Is firefighter a stressful job in Namibia?

They risk heat exhaustion, smoke inhalation and serious injury while on the job, and even the state of anticipation preceding a major threat can be highly stressful in itself. Firefighters are also sometimes required to spend long hours outdoors in bad weather.”

Is being a firefighter a stable job in Namibia?

Firefighting is a rewarding career that offers a very high level of job satisfaction. Being a firefighter is a great job if you enjoy helping people and serving your community, but be aware that it can be demanding, stressful, and even dangerous at times.

How competitive is firefighting in Namibia?

Being a firefighter is not easy and neither is the process of becoming a firefighter. Competition is fierce and the hiring process can be very grueling and challenging, something many people do not endure or succeed at. More than 70% give up the pursuit of becoming a firefighter and move on to other career choices.

What qualifications do firefighters need in Namibia?

Many ask for GCSEs at grades 9 to 4 (A* to C) in English and maths, or equivalent qualifications. You’ll need to pass: an online test to assess your judgement ability in a realistic work setting. number and reading tests.

Can firefighters make 6 figures in Namibia?

If you include extra pay and overtime, it’s very possible for many firefighters to make over six figures per year. If you are in a more average paying area, you can still make more than 100 thousand dollars per year, depending on how much overtime hours are available and how much you are willing to work.

Do firefighters get a good pension in Namibia?

The proportion of pension cost paid by firefighters is one of the highest in the public sector. The firefighters’ scheme is therefore one of the least generous public sector schemes.

Do firefighters have high divorce rate in Namibia?

Two doctors compared the divorce averages by your job, and found firefighters who had been married was 14.1 percent divorce rate.