Fm Radio Stations For Sale in Namibia

FM Radio Stations For Sale in Namibia

What is FM Radio Station?

FM broadcasting is a method of radio broadcasting that uses frequency modulation of the radio broadcast carrier wave. Invented in 1933 by American engineer Edwin Armstrong, wide-band FM is used worldwide to transmit high-fidelity sound over broadcast radio.

FM Radio Stations For Sale in Namibia

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many radio stations are there in Namibia?

As of 2014, Namibia had 3 television stations, 13 newspapers, and 25 radio stations. Additionally, a mentionable amount of foreign media, especially South African, is available. Online media are mostly based on print publication contents. Namibia has a state-owned Press Agency, called NAMPA.

What is Namibia National radio station?

NBC – National Radio Listen Live – 92.6 MHz FM, Windhoek, Namibia | Online Radio Box.

What is the frequency of Desert radio Namibia?

Desert Radio is now live on 95.3 FM. The radio station’s frequency was actived on Friday, giving listeners the opportunity to tune in at their convenience. Renowned jazz guru Dr KG Moloi went live with his popular show Urban Jazz Grooves yesterday at noon. Catch Desert Radio live each day from 06h00 to 18h00.

What is Namibia National radio station?

NBC – National Radio Listen Live – 92.6 MHz FM, Windhoek, Namibia | Online Radio Box.

What is the largest radio station in Namibia?

Top Namibia Radio Stations

  • Radio Wave 96.7 FM.
  • 1FM.
  • NBC Oshiwambo.
  • Fresh FM.
  • Jacc FM.
  • Informante Radio.
  • Kanaal 7 Namibië
  • UNAM Radio.

What is the national radio frequency in Windhoek?

Radio stations

ServiceFrequency in Windhoek
NBC National Radio91.7 (main), 92.6 (Klein Windhoek)
Afrikaans Service88.6 (main), 89.5 (Klein Windhoek)
German Service95.8
Damara/Nama Service105.3

What frequency is hit Radio Namibia?

Hitradio Namibia is the first and only private commercial German radio station in Namibia serving Windhoek and surrounding areas on 99.5 FM and Swakopmund and surrounding areas on 97.5.

What frequency is omulunga radio windhoek?


  • Windhoek. 100.9 MHz.
  • Rehoboth. 100.9 MHz.
  • Okahandja. 100.9 MHz.
  • Otjiwarongo. 89.20 MHz.
  • Grootfontein. 92.00 MHz.
  • Rundu. 99.20 MHz.
  • Tsumeb. 89.50 MHz.
  • Oshakati. 102.3 MHz.

What frequency is Mulembe?

Live 97.9 FM | Mulembe | 952 Favorites | TuneIn.

What frequency is Shipi FM in Swakopmund?

Terrace Bay

103.80-100 WattCOSMOS
96.5101-999 WattSHIPI FM
98.4101-999 WattCHANNEL 7