Food Suppliers in Namibia

Food Suppliers in Namibia

What is Food ?

Food is any substance consumed by an organism for nutritional support. Food is usually of plant, animal, or fungal origin and contains essential nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals.

Food Suppliers in Namibia

Namibia Food Products Suppliers and Manufacturers · Abangani Investments · Hennep Industries · Salt · DS · Fish, Sole, Monk Fish, Kingklip · Fish · Horse Mackerel …

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the biggest food distributor?


Sysco: Setting the Standard for Food Distribution

With an annual revenue of $68 billion and 172 distribution centers in the US, Sysco has established itself as the largest food distributor in the country.

What is the most popular food in Namibia?

But, taking away the European influence, we are going to find out what the more traditional typical dishes to eat in Namibia are.

  • Mahangu soup.
  • Mieliepap.
  • Potjiekos.
  • Meat skewers.
  • Bullfrog.
  • Hake fillets.
  • Oysters and green asparagus from Swakopmund.
  • Lobster from Luderitz.

What food is Namibia known for?

Table of Contents

  • Fish & Seafood: The famous Lüderitz lobster.
  • Biltong.
  • Meat skewers.
  • Bullfrog.
  • Potjiekos.
  • Omagungu: Mopane caterpillars.
  • Pearl millet soup.
  • You want to try the food in Namibia?

What local food is produced in Namibia?

Namibian Food

  • 1 – Oshithima (Maize or Mahangu Pap)
  • 2 – Oodhingu (Dried Meat)
  • 3 – Omboga (Dried Wild Spinach)
  • 4 – Omagungu (Mopane Worm)
  • 5 – Potjiekos.
  • 6 – Zambezi Bream (Fish)
  • 7 – Biltong.
  • 8 – Kapana (Grilled Beef)

What food company makes the most money?

2019 Top 100 Food & Beverage Companies

RankCompanySales (USD, m)
1NestléTotal Sales: $93,268 Food Sales: $80,195
2PepsiCo, Inc.Total Sales: $64,661 Food Sales: $64,661
3Anheuser-Busch InBevTotal Sales: $54,619 Food Sales: $54,619
4JBSTotal Sales: $49,775 Food Sales: $46,790

What company sells the most food?

  • The largest food retailer in the world is Walmart, with a revenue of $573 billion and a net income of $13.94 billion.
  • As of 2022, the global food & grocery retail market has a market size of $14.78 trillion.
  • U.S. consumers spend an estimated $1.77 trillion on food and beverages each year.

How much is food in Namibia?

While meal prices in Namibia can vary, the average cost of food in Namibia is N$121 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Namibia should cost around N$48 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Where does Namibia import food from?

In 2021, the top partner countries from which Namibia Imports Food Products include South Africa, Zambia, United Kingdom, Thailand and Germany.

What food does Namibia export?

Other marine exports include rock lobster; crab; oysters; kabeljou; monk; tuna; pilchards and seaweed. The quality of Namibian meat is globally unrivalled. Cattle are free-ranging and naturally fed. Namibian beef is free of hormonal or other additives and thus fit to grace any table.

What meat is eaten in Namibia?

The gastronomy of Namibia is mostly based on meat, indeed, an almost infinite variety of meats. In Namibia they make numerous dishes with ostrich, antelope, zebra, giraffe, oryx, kudu, lamb and beef. The way of cooking the meat is generally to grill it, and then to dress it with rich and tasty sauces.

Where does Namibia import chicken from?

South Africa

Due to its proximity, South Africa was Namibia’s ‘preferred supplier’ of chicken, but the country also imports poultry from Europe and South America.