Ford Bantam For Sale in Namibia

Ford Bantam For Sale in Namibia

What is Ford Bantam?

The Ford Bantam is a coupé utility/pickup (known in South African English as a ‘Bakkie’) produced in South Africa. Production of the Bantam spanned three generations, with the vehicle produced in South Africa for sale within the South African market. Ford Bantam. Fiesta-based third-generation Bantam.

Ford Bantam For Sale in Namibia

Ford Bantam 1.6 Manual, Good driving condition. No mechanical problems. N$55 000 Contact 0814216162 Available in Swakopmund.

Frequently Asked Questions

What engine does Ford Bantam have?

The third-generation Bantam was initially made available with a choice of 1,297 cc and 1,597 cc Rocam (Roller Finger Camshaft) petrol engines, and a normally-aspirated 1,755 cc Endura-D diesel engine.

Does Ford still make the Bantam?

The last Ford Bantam crossed the assembly line in late 2011. At the time Ford SA said it was seeking to maximise efficiency of scale by converting the local assembly plant in Silverton into a one-platform operation that builds the Ranger for local consumption and export.

How much can a Ford Bantam carry?

Ford Bantam is old fashioned but not ugly

It comes from an era when the term “half-tonner” still loosely referred to the vehicle’s load-carrying ability. As such, the Ford Bantam can accommodate 630 kg in its load bay, which is significantly less than its rivals which are both rated to carry around the 800 kg mark.

How many Litres is a Ford Bantam?

Third generation models were launched in 2002 and comprised of 3 derivatives: 1.3-litre 8-valve, a 1.6-litre 8-valve petrol and a 1.8-litre normally aspirated diesel engine. A facelift occurred in 2009 with an introduction of a modern 1.4-litre diesel engine.

What makes Ford Bantam not to start?

Check for spark at the spark plugs. If there is no spark, check the starter relay, as ther should be a short circuit in the starter relay. Check for fuel pressure.

Is Ford Bantam front wheel drive?

The Bantam is something of a legend. The original was one of the first front-wheel drive half-tonners on the SA market and among the first to offer the relative comfort of a small car (the Ford Escort, from which it was derived).

Does Ford Bantam have airbags?

2006 Ford Bantam 1.3i with 343 000km for R70000, it has good sound system, neat interior and exterior, central lock, electric window, nice perfectly working engine, power steering, ABS, USB, A/C, Airbags, Bluetooth, mp3 player, radio, nice megs, in very good condition, kindly book for test drive.

How big is the Ford Bantam fuel tank?

My 2009 1,3-litre Ford Bantam has a 54-litre fuel tank but I often find that I can get more fuel into it.

What oil does a Ford Bantam use?

Ford Bantam [3] 1.3I -Castrol Gtx Ultra Clean 10W-40 5L.

What is the fuel consumption of the Ford Bantam 1.8 Diesel?

Fuel Efficiency Average 5.84 l/100km.