Ford Fiesta For Sale in Namibia

Ford Fiesta For Sale in Namibia

What is Ford Fiesta?

The Ford Fiesta is a supermini car that was marketed by Ford from 1976 to 2023 over seven generations. Over the years, the Fiesta has mainly been developed and manufactured by Ford’s European operations, and had been positioned below the Escort (later the Focus). Ford Fiesta. Overview. Manufacturer.

Ford Fiesta For Sale in Namibia

FORD Fiesta*. KM: + – 154 000. Price: N$ 58 000. Call 0812239459. Ford Fiesta. R58,000 · Windhoek West. *FORD Fiesta* KM: + – 154 000. Price: N$ 58 000

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth it to buy a Ford Fiesta?

The Ford Fiesta is one of the best small hatchbacks you can buy today. It’s comfortable, well made, drives great, and there’s a wide range of engines and trims to pick from.

Is Ford Fiesta cheap to maintain?

No surprises here that the Fiesta is cheap to run in terms of fuelling, servicing and maintenance. You couldn’t have it with a diesel engine late in its life, but the economical petrol engines, some of which feature mild hybrid technology, meant this wasn’t too much of a loss.

Why did Ford stop making Fiesta?

There are several reasons behind Ford discontinuing the Fiesta, the main one being that the manufacturer is trying to focus on electrification. Electric vehicles are now Ford’s priority, having announced a goal to have these cars make up 40% of the manufacturer’s global sales by 2030.

Which is bigger Fiesta or Ecosport?

At 1,633mm in height, the EcoSport is 138mm taller than the Fiesta (and 48mm longer) and has a rejigged and cushier ride, which makes for greater comfort levels but considerably more body roll in the corners. Of course, with more height typically comes greater flexibility with regards to practicality.

Is Ford Fiesta fuel efficient?

The Ford Fiesta is an extremely fuel-efficient used car that delivers an incredible fuel economy rating. With its impressive mpg rating and spirited performance on the road, you’ll really enjoy driving this used car while also saving money at the pump.

Do Ford Fiestas last a long time?

A 2012 Ford Fiesta can keep partying for 150,000 to 200,000 miles, provided it’s driven gently and maintained with great care.

How far can a Ford Fiesta go on full tank?


Power98 bhp
Torque170 Nm, 125 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions99 g/km
Euro Emissions Standard6
Miles Per Tank600 miles

How much fuel does a Ford Fiesta use?

Its claimed figure is between 46.3mpg (for the automatic) and 56.5mpg depending on power output. Expect real-world consumption of 45mpg for the petrol, and 55mpg for the diesel.

What car replaced the Ford Fiesta?

Puma crossover

The Puma crossover has effectively replaced the Fiesta in the Blue Oval’s line-up and has itself found success: it was the brand’s best-seller in the UK in 2021, and the nation’s fourth best-seller in 2022.

What is special about Ford Fiesta?

Highlights are that it is superb to drive, has a great driving position and comes with plenty of standard kit. There’s also numerous trim levels to choose from. Which Ford Fiesta model is best? We reckon the Fiesta’s best engine option is the 1.0-litre Ecoboost 100.

What was a Ford Fiesta called?

Originally named the ‘Bobcat’ project, speculation in the media was rife, until Ford announced the all-new Fiesta under its now-widely-known name in 1975.